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Saturday, 4/30/11: Will someone please pass the "catch-up?"

First of all, we'd like to welcome new followers, Paul and Marti, good friends who will soon be full timing, and Laurie, another "name that tune" wizard.

Finally, it's "catch-up" time.  I finally got to the storage unit and found the camera transfer USB cable.  Somehow it was put in a box going to storage instead of the camera bag.  We invite you to go back and read the posts and enjoy the pictures.

Please note, pictures were added to some previously published posts.  Here is a link list of newly added posts and posts with added pictures.  You can use the links, or just go back in the blog and then read forward.  Sorry it took so long to get this caught up!

4/5/11  Pictures added
4/6/11 Pictures added
4/11/11 Pictures added
4/13/11 Pictures added
4/14/11 New post
4/15/11 New post
4/16/11 New post
4/17/11 New post
4/18/11 New post
4/19/11 New post
4/20/11 New post
4/21/11 New post
4/22/11 New post
4/23/11 New post
4/24/11 New post



  1. Whew! All caught up now...I think :)
    Too funny...we are at the NC/VA border and we're going to that same campground in Louisa on Tuesday! I don't know how long we'll be there...for sure a couple, maybe a week :) Did you like it? We are slowly meandering to northern NY so not in any hurry if there's something there to occupy us. I read where there was a lot of historical sites to visit. My main concern right now is catching up on laundry :) We've been at state parks with no sewer.
    Feel free to come on back to Louisa and visit us!
    BTW, you burst my bubble about German Chocolate Cake! I always thought it was from Germany!! :)

  2. OMgosh, i finally got home, can you believe it. its cindy from the rally. was so happy to read your blog tonight. i left the rally and headed to savannah to spend easter with old friends. of course, i picked up rick at savannah airport, so he didnt miss out on a thing. i mowzied on home and crashed for a couple of days before getting on this thing today. glad to see you two are doing great. will keep in touch! later gators

  3. Boy oh gave me a challenge! Got all caught up, pictures and all. We had to go by and mow the grass at my house (got to keep it looking good for the new buyers!) Fun stuff!

  4. WOW....How long will it take me to catch up with you. I'm not even caught up on my own blogs and you have done A TON of posting. I need lessons, when will you be coming my way?


  5. Cindy --

    We've tried numerous times, unsuccessfully, to access your blog and must be doing something wrong. Could you either send us a link here or e-mail it to us? Will want to keep up on your Yellowstone adventure!