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T-Time: Don't you just love a good love story? (5/3/11)

Caution:  major mush ahead.

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m a hopeless romantic.  I always have been.  As a child I was enchanted with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and their respective Prince Charmings.  Fast forward a few years, and my heart broke for Tony and Maria in West Side StoryFast forward even further, and I was dazzled by Danny and Sandy in Grease.  (Just ask Mike about that last one.  We were courting when the movie, Grease, came out, and I must have dragged him to the theater at least five times to go see it.)

I’m a sucker for a good love story. . . or maybe I just have a penchant for musicals.  In any case, what’s the point of all this?  Why, the Royal Wedding of course.  Naturally, being the romantic that I am, I rolled out of bed last Friday morning at – arghh!! – 4:00 to tune into the festivities.  Padding out to my recliner, I switched on the TV to Diane Sawyer’s and Barbara Walters’ commentary of the royal event.  Why didn’t I just stay in bed like a normal person and record it, you might ask?  Well for one thing, I have a bad habit of recording something and then never going back again to watch it.  But for another, there’s just something about watching a historical event at the time it actually occurs and seeing the affair unfold in real time.  Just my opinion.

But back to the hoopla.  Who wouldn’t be fascinated with the pageantry, the pomp and circumstance, the horse-drawn carriage?  The hats!!??  What would Kate’s dress look like. . . . and would she recite all of Prince William’s names in the proper order during the wedding vows (William Arthur Philip Louis to be exact.  And, yes, she did.)?  Okay, actually Mike would lead the pack of those who wouldn’t be fascinated with any of that.  Nevertheless, I was glued to the TV during the entire ceremony and couldn’t help but reminisce back to Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s wedding 30 years ago (YIKES!  Was it really that long ago???), when I sat on the living room couch captivated by the royal event as an innocent young newlywed.

The Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn’t disappoint.  The bride was breathtakingly beautiful.  The groom – dashingly handsome.  Both so young and in love with their whole lives ahead of them.  This royal romance appears to be a true love story.

So congratulations to Wills and Kate.  May they live happily ever after.

Don’t you just love a good love story?


  1. I just love anything positive in this crazy world of ours...this was certainly an uplifting event!!

  2. Didn't get to see any of it because we had no TV last week but, I don't think I would have gotten up so early to watch if we had ;)

    Hope they can remain so happy while living under the scrutiny of all of us and the press!

  3. I'll admit, we watched it too, but after recording it. We're not lucky enough to be retired (yet).

    I admire your dedication to get up at 4 AM.

    I really enjoyed the music, the setting in Westminster Abbey, we've been there and it made it more real. Then the colors, the uniforms and the HATS! Some of them looked like they were straight out of a Dr. Suess book. ;c)

  4. Hi, Terri! Great post! Yes! I loved watching the Royal wedding, although I DVR-d it - some of us had to work. LOL :-) Kate was beautiful, and Will so handsome. Paul and I have been to the very places they showed for the wedding. We love London! We hope to see you soon. ~Marti (and Paul)

  5. I'm with you on loving a good love story. Give me a romantic comedy any time including Grease which I also loved. Know every word to every song, how about you. Are you a Dirty Dancing fan as well??


  6. Sherry -- Loved Dirty Dancing!!! (Another musical!)