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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! and ONE MORE WEEK!!

Happy Holidays to all.  Terri and I did nothing special for Christmas.  I fixed a real nice turkey roast dinner (Terri did the peas and whipped the potatoes) including dressing, squash, potatoes, peas, and gravy.  It turned out real tasty and Terri especially liked the turkey this time.  We both ate too much, but that's okay.  We don't get anything for each other much anymore.  I told her that I got the fifth wheel for her and she got me the truck to pull it with. 

One more week until 2011.  One more week until Terri is retired.  One more week until I'm retired.  Next year (2011) we get rid of most of our stuff, sell the house, and hit the road.  "Times, they are a changin'" for the better.  We can't wait.  A whole new lifestyle and eventually much less stress.

Get going, what are you waiting for?


Wednesday, 12/15/10: PRETIRED!!

Both of us have given our notices and we'll be done with that "work thing" by the end of the month!!!

What's next? 

We've been doing upgrades/repairs to the house in preparation to list it in early February, 2011.  Already had the exterior of the house repainted, roof cleaned, pressure tank for the well replaced, and deck cleaned and stained. We also repaired and painted the front porch concrete floor. I re-installed loose floor tiles and removed the sink faucet, tub faucets, and toilet in the guest bathroom in preparation for kitchen and guest bathroom counter top resurfacing and bathtub, sink, and floor & wall tile reglazing that are currently being completed.  After that, I'll install a new toilet in the guest bathroom, new sink faucets in each bathroom, new light fixtures in each bathroom, hallway and foyer, and we'll do some painting and touch up.  Middle of January will be the "living" estate sale to liquidate/get rid of our stuff.  After the sale, the wood flooring will be refinished, new carpet installed in the family room, and new linoleum installed in the kitchen, utility room, and master bath.  Also need to establish a new state of residency, obtain new drivers licenses, apply for passports, register our vehicles and fifth wheel, update our insurance, and celebrate the holidays.  We also plan to move into the fifth wheel before the "living" estate sale.  We'll need at least a month just to recover from all this stuff we have to get done, once it's done.  That's okay though, because what we are working towards is our freedom and a whole new lifestyle and plenty of free time.

Thanks Howard and Linda for your inspiration and guidance!