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Wednesday, 4/20/11: Travel day to...

We just weren't sure about our travel plans today.  Did we want to stay or go?  If we go, where to?  We originally planned on taking three days to get back, but we started questioning where we were going to get back to.  The weather was also a consideration, as some rain and wind were predicted through some of the areas that we would be driving.  Well, after checking quite a bit, we decided to take off and head for Small Country Campground near Louisa, VA.  It's a bit further than we care to drive, but not too bad.  This campground is a Passport America member.  I called about their weekly rate and it's 33% off the daily rate.  However, when I mentioned Passport America, he said that the rate would be 50% off for as many days as we wanted to stay.  We were concerned about rain, but never encountered any.

After another "early" departure at 12:45 PM, it took us just over four hours to arrive around 5 PM.  The distance was about 202 miles.  We averaged about 9.8 miles per gallon.  At one point, we were up to as high as 10.8 miles per gallon, but then we had a few steep hills to climb.  We had to stop for fuel for both vehicles and stopped at a Pilot Travel Center.  Boy was it busy there.  I headed straight to the back to the truck pumps.  There were only about seven pumps, and all were occupied.  I waited for one to open up and then fueled up the truck.  This place is on a very small parcel of land.  After I fueled up, I pulled into a parking space in the truck parking and then we fueled up the Honda.  Now, this space that I pulled into is not a pull through space, so when I was ready to leave, I had to back out of the spot.  Terri was worried that I had gotten myself into trouble but she spotted for me and I backed right out without a problem (whew!).  My intentions were to take 220 south to 460 east and then 29 north to I64.  I turned right out of the Pilot thinking I was heading southwest toward route 460.  Wrong!!  We were headed north on highway 11.  So I just followed 11 north until I could get back on I81 north.  We headed east on I64 and then exited at exit #143.  After about five miles of twisting, narrow roads, we arrived at the campground.  We decided to take a "super site" that included a DIRECTV hookup.  This area of the "super sites" is laid out kind of strange in that the front row backs right up to the back row.  If you’re in the back row and someone is in front of you in the front row and you want to leave, you must back up.  We took a spot on the front row.  Even though it’s considered a pull-through site, I chose to back in because we couldn't pull through due to someone parked behind us in the back row.  We have a beautiful view of a lake.  The site is level, and it gets very quiet and dark at night.  We're not sure how long we're staying, so we only paid for one night.
Our site at Small Country Campground

Our site from down the hill towards the lake

View of lake from our site

Another view of the lake from our site
After we got unhooked and set up, our realtor called and said that someone was coming back for a second showing on Friday at 11 AM.  We weren't planning on going to the house tomorrow, but now it looks like we will...

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