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Wednesday, 4/6/11: Appomattox to Fort Chiswell

Well we got a nice "early" start today.  Checkout time was noon, we left at about 12:15 PM.  I didn't unhook the truck last night so all I had to do was disconnect the electric, water, sewer, cable, and satellite.  We're really enjoying our freedom.  No need to get up early and rush around.

The trip today was uneventful.  We took VA-460 to Roanoke, then north on I-581 to I-81, then south on I-81 to Fort Chiswell RV Park.  We made good time except for a slowdown for road repairs just north of Chistiansburg, VA.  We also had to stop for diesel about 24 miles from the Fort Chiswell.  I was getting a little nervous about fuel, but it worked out and I got a "better" price of 3.79/gallon.  Most of the prices I was seeing ranged from 3.85 to 3.95.  The total trip took about three hours and five minutes, and we went about 138.7 miles with about 7.8 mpg. We got to Fort Chiswell about 3:20 PM.  Cost for the night was  $31.68 with full hookups including cable.  I left the truck hooked up again even though we were a little high in the front.  I hooked up the w/s/e and cable.  I didn't bother with the dish this time.

Campground looks empty now, but was nearly full overnight

View out our back window

Another view out our back window
Fort Chiswell RV Park is a good place for an overnight stop.  Easy access from I-81, but we couldn't hear the traffic noise.  Beautiful scenery surrounding the park.  Except for the main road in, the roads and sites are gravel.  The roads are kind of narrow and the sites are a bit close.  Again, not bad for an overnight stop though.

After dinner we took a walk around the park.  We met a real nice couple who are on their way from South Carolina to West Virginia.  They're newylweds, as they had just gotten married this past Saturday.  Both are in their eighties, but they certainly don't look like it.  They were wonderful to talk to, and we walked with them for a while.

The pets are starting to understand what a travel day is now.  Katie, our dog, rides with Terri.  The first day she stood up for the first one and a half hours.  Today, she slept most of the ride.  The cats seem to be realizing that they're not going to the vet and aren't fighting the carriers quite so much.  Terri did well following me today.  She said it went well for her.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we arrive at River Plantation RV Park in Sevierville, TN, for the RV-Dreams Rally.  We're both looking forward to the rally.

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