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Saturday, 4/23/11: We did nothin' today

The title says it all.  We stayed inside most of the day watching TV, surfing the net, and eating.  The Bulls lost their first game after three wins in a row.  Hopefully they can finish off the Pacers on Tuesday.

I fixed dinner.  It was a recipe of my Mom's that Terri and I call “Mom's Spaghetti Hotdish.”  We both really like it, and it’s easy to fix – a win-win.

Like so many say on their blogs, some days there's just not much to write about.  Tomorrow is a travel day.  I wonder where we're going this time...

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  1. The blog looks great with the addition of the pictures. Loved the picture of some idiot in a Hawaiian shirt holding a skunk!

    We've read every post from the beginning and enjoyed all your travels, we can't wait to get out there with you...and have no house to come back to for grass cutting.