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Wednesday, 1/1/2014

Volunteer Village

J. Strom Thurmond Lake

Modoc, SC

Happy New Year!!!


Our New Year’s Eve tradition the last several years consisted of a nice quiet night at home with a homemade pizza and watching TV…. and then waking up (sometimes) just in time to see the ball drop in New York City.  But this year was different.  We brought in the new year with many of our fellow volunteers here at the Volunteer Village.  Twenty-one of us gathered at the rec hall for an evening of food, fun, and games.  There was a lot of delicious “finger food”…
DSCN4482   DSCN4483

for a lot of great people!
DSCN4485      DSCN4486
DSCN4487      DSCN4492
DSCN4493     DSCN4494

Paul and Marti had their “party” hats on.
DSCN4478      DSCN4481

Later on we started a game of cards.  There were still eleven of us playing when midnight rolled around.  So of course we brought in the new year with gusto! 
Noisemaker 2 Noisemaker 2 Noisemaker 2
We all had a great time, and it was fun bringing in the new year with our fellow volunteers.

We wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2014!

Happy New YearHappy New YearHappy New YearHappy New YearHappy New YearHappy New Year