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Sunday, 4/17/11: Final Day of the Rally, breakfast, hugs & handshakes

Another early morning for us so we could get up to the rec hall by 8:00 for breakfast.  They had a good turnout, and then Howard and Linda bid farewell to all of us and closed out the rally.  Lots of hugs and handshakes, tears, and laughter.  Many are leaving today including our neighbors Ray and Kris, and Bill and Dar.  It’s kind of sad seeing the rigs leaving, but I do like the fact that we don't have to go quite yet.

This evening there was a gathering over at Howard and Linda's for a campfire.  There were still quite a few people at the park.  We spent time talking with Gin, Syl, Sherry, David, and others.  A beautiful full moon was rising up over us.

After a while people started to leave, so I went over and said goodbye to Jim and Linda.  Myrddin, their motorhome, is having some engine trouble, so they’re going up near Bristol tomorrow to try and get a mechanic to look at it.  Hopefully it isn’t something major.

After the campfire we just went back home for the evening.  Just a nice, easy, relaxing day.

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