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Friday, 4/8/11: Lazy Day at River Plantation RV Park

We didn't do too much today.  Just kind of relaxed and enjoyed the day.  Lots of RV's coming in today.  Some for the rally and some for the weekend.  I got the satellite dish set up without any problems.  Also got the bikes out and aired up the tires.  This is the first time the bikes have been out since our May trip to Pennsylvania last year.  We only rode the bikes that one time in 2010.  We hope to do a lot more bike riding this year. 

About 5:00 we decided to take a bike ride around the park.  The gravel on the roads here is very inconsistent.  Some spots have larger stone and some spots almost crushed stone.  Some spots are very soft and difficult for riding.  We actually saw one woman tumble from her bike in the soft stuff.  She said she was okay; probably just her pride was hurt.  We rode over to see if Howard and Linda had arrived yet.  They had, and they came out to talk with us a bit.  They got here about 2 PM.  Strangely enough at about that time I had a feeling that they had just arrived.  Howard said they had a safe trip here and all is good.  I'm sure they'll be very busy the next few days.

We just spent another quiet evening in front of the TV and laptops.  Should be more rally'ers coming in tomorrow.

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