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Monday, 4/18/11: More H&H, Camping World

Today was another day of bidding farewell to friends and watching the park empty out.  Again, it’s kind of sad seeing all the empty sites, but it’s nice to be able to just sit and relax.

We went up to Knoxville to Camping World in the afternoon.  We didn't buy anything!  I wanted to get a set of tire locking chocks that were on sale but discovered that they don't stock the two pack, only the single pack.  We looked around a bit longer, mentally added some more things to our wish list, and then left to head back home.  I'll just order the stuff online.

Not much else to report.  Just hung out and watched people leave.  Tomorrow is a travel day for us, so I checked and aired up the tires.  Those dual wheels are so much fun to fill with air. . . NOT!

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