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Thursday, 3/31/11: Three month update...

Wow, where did the last three months go?  We've been "working" overtime, six to seven days a week for the last three months.  Some days we didn't get home until after midnight.  No, we're not still employed, but we've been working harder these last three months than we ever worked on our jobs, except when I worked for the railroad.  What have we been "working" on?  Well, preparing for the full time RV lifestyle, mainly getting the house ready to list for sale.  Just some of the things we've done are:  painting, replacing bathroom sink faucets, painting, replacing a toilet, painting, reinstalling floor tile, painting, caulking, painting the front porch floor, cleaning, clearing leaves and brush and limbs from the yard, cleaning, touch-up staining, cleaning, various other small odd jobs, and cleaning windows.  Oh, did I mention painting and cleaning?  Terri has been doing most of the painting and cleaning -- obsessively I might add!  We also spent quite a bit of time sorting through all of our stuff and preparing for our living estate sale.  We had to postpone that three times before we were ready.  The sale was a success.  The company we hired sold 80-85% of our stuff.  We also had our hardwood floors redone, carpet in the family room replaced, and vinyl flooring replaced in the kitchen and master bathroom.  We had the kitchen countertops, and guest bath countertop, sink, tub, tile, and floor refinished. The living estate sale took place March 4th, 5th, and 6th.  We had to be out of the house for the sale, so on Thursday, March 3, 2011, we went full time.  That night was our first night as fulltimers in the rig.  It didn't really feel like we were full time though because we were hardly ever there.  Most of our time was spent at the house.  Finally, the house was listed the last week of March.  We've been parked at the KOA/Americamp just south of Ashland, Virginia, all month.  The last three months have been real hectic, tiring, stressful, and frustrating at times.  It seemed like Terri and I got along so much better when we weren't at the house.  Unfortunately we were at the house a lot.  It must be related to all the stress involved in getting the house ready for sale because when we're at the rig we get along just fine.  Next month starts a whole new chapter, traveling as fulltimers.

Stay tuned for reports of upcoming experiences and reflections on things that we've already experienced.

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