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Saturday, 4/9/11: More arrivals, storms, and a show

Today was another lazy day.  TV, surfing, a short bike ride, friends arriving, an afternoon storm, and a show.

More people arrived today for the rally.  I looked up just in time to see Myrddin and CLT (Jim and Linda) drive by.  A little later Bill and Nancy pulled in two spots down in their Class B RV. I'm sure many others have arrived also.  We went out to greet Bill and Nancy after they had time to setup.  As we were talking, Terri and I realized that our friends,  Paul and Marti, were here.  So after we talked with Bill and Nancy, we walked up and greeted Paul and Marti.  They had just gotten setup and were putting their Walmart purchases away.  We've spent some quality time with them over the last year, but we hadn't seen them since our last visit six months ago.  We didn't stay long; there was a storm brewing and we had to get a bite to eat and get ready for tonight.  Hopefully we'll be able to see them some more this week. 

With the storm coming in, I quickly put away the chairs and bikes.  I had put the awning back up earlier.  There was some wind and a bit of rain but luckily no hail.  It was actually mild compared to what it looked like.  We were on the south end of the storm though.

We both had salads and finished up some leftover roast beef.  Then it was off to meet Howard and Linda and other Dreamers for a convoy to a show that Howard lined up for us.  We were to meet at H&L's at 6:45.  We, of course, were running late, but not too bad.  I had researched the show and its location.  According to Google Maps we needed to turn RIGHT off of Parkway onto Wears Valley Road.  While we were waiting for everyone in the convoy to arrive, Cindy called Terri.  She and her husband, Rick, had gone ahead to get something to eat.  They were trying to find the place, and both Rick and I agreed on the right turn.  I was second to last in the convoy, and of course we got separated right away.  I noticed that everyone else was in the left lane, but I had no way of telling them they were wrong.  Guess what:  I, or rather Google Maps, was wrong.  We turned right while they all turned left.  Where was the theater?  We called Cindy, and she said they figured out that it was indeed left.  So we turned around and met Cindy and Rick.  But they were still at the wrong place.  Anyway, I thought I had seen all the big pick up trucks off to the left, so we went back and found the place.  It was very poorly marked and at the end of a strip mall.  Needless to say that by the time we got there the show had already started.  Howard saw us come in and Terri, Cindy, and Rick all found a spot together and I went with Howard and sat in front of he and Linda and next to another Dreamer, Denny.  The show was at the American Oldies Theater.  With intermission it lasted about two hours.  At the intermission, Howard was able to get a seat for me next to Terri for the second half of the show.  The show was entertaining, and Linda and some of the Dreamers participated.  It was fun and a cheap night of entertainment.  We got back a bit after 10 PM.

Another enjoyable day.

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