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Sunday, 4/10/11: More rally arrivals, hot and windy, pizza with friends

Another lazy day at the RV park. More Dreamers arrived today. Our next door neighbors, Ray and Kris, arrived in the afternoon. We gave them time to get settled and then stopped and introduced ourselves in the evening after dinner. It was nice spending time talking with them and getting to know them. Our friends, Paul and Marti, stopped by in the afternoon, and we talked for quite a while. Syl stopped by for a few minutes to say "Hi" while Paul and Marti were here. Later, Paul and Marti and Terri and I decided to go get some dinner. We were going to go to the Melting Pot, but after Paul realized they weren't open, we went for pizza instead. It's so nice spending time with them as they are at about the same point in the process of going full time. We get a lot of support from each other. During dinner we chuckled over the fact that Paul and Marti have been to Walmart at least four times since they left on this trip. I know of some others that have gone "Walmarting," and we've been there once, soon to go back again. Walmart should consider becoming a promotional sponsor of the RV-Dreams rallies as the rallies generate a lot of revenue for them.

The weather has been hot and sometimes a bit windy. Naturally, it seems to be at its windiest whenever I put the awning out. But it's been beautiful, and it's nice to be able to open the windows and get some fresh air.

The park is starting to fill up a bit, and more Dreamers should be arriving tomorrow. Howard said there are quite a few people staying in hotels/motels this time. There will be a lot more people here this time. One of the things I really enjoy about the rally is that there will be people here from all aspects of this lifestyle. Some are very experienced, some just getting started, some part time full timers, some gonna be's, some wanna be's, and some just checking this whole thing out. I understand that there are many new full timers here this time, us included. It's a great opportunity for us all to learn from each other.

No plans yet for Monday. We'll figure that out tomorrow.

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