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Saturday, 5/14/11: Another house to sell! Back to Louisa/friends, Grass/bolt

Well, it's been about three weeks since I posted anything, so here's an update.  I would’ve posted this sooner, but our computer was on the blink last week so we were off the grid until yesterday.  During those few days we realized how totally dependent we are on the internet, so we’re much happier now that we’re back online. 

We arrived at the Ashland KOA on Easter Sunday and we've been here
now for three weeks with two more to go.  I’m getting hitch itch.  It’s painful to watch all the rigs arrive in the afternoon and then watch most of them leave the next morning.  I wonder where they’ve been and ponder where they’re headed.  I look forward to the day that we can head out on our journey.

Here's the big news:  we have another house to sell.  What?  Another house to sell?  Here's the deal:  we have a contract on our house with the contingency that the buyers sell their house.  Not the best scenario, but at least we’ve got an offer.  And, if someone else comes along with an offer in the interim, we can sell it to them instead, if the current buyer chooses to opt out.  If they choose not to opt out, they must buy it even though their house hasn’t sold yet.

On Thursday, May 5th, we went back to Small Country Campground to visit our friends Rick and Gail.

They’re fulltime fellow RV-Dreamers who happened to be passing through the area.  We spent about three hours talking and laughing and just enjoying each others company.  They gave us a tour of their beautiful motorhome.  It's very nice and has some wonderful upgrades.  A special one is Gail's kitchen faucet.
She's very proud of it.  Rick had the “fun” of installing it.  We certainly enjoyed the afternoon and look forward to seeing them again some time.

It drives me crazy to have to sit here waiting for the grass to grow at the house just so I can go over there and cut it.  I've had the pleasure of cutting the grass a couple of times already this month -- a chore I’m definitely not going to miss!  Good news, however.  Before I started mowing, I looked for that missing handle bolt again and I found it!  It was right where I thought it should be, and I found it in the last place I looked.  : )

Phoebe, Murphy, and Mabel
The last few days we've had a bird visiting us.  It appears this bird wants in as it keeps bumping up against the window.  I tried to get a picture, but so far I've been unsuccessful.  This little bird has been "entertaining" the troops.  Here they are on full alert. 

Meanwhile, Terri has been getting some love from Puffy.  Puffy likes to lick Terri's face.  She just climbs right up and gives kisses.

I'll close with the results of my attempt at photographing a sunset.  Hopefully I can improve my skills and maybe get some better shots of sunsets and sunrises in the future.


  1. Congratulations on the offer!!! We'll be hoping and praying for another buyer for either house. We'll see you on the road before you know it.

  2. Keeping our fingers crossed for *their* offer!!

  3. Yeah! So glad that there is an offer for you! I sure can understand the 'hitch itch' - we miss our weekends away, but can't wait to hit the road FT. Hope to see you soon!

  4. Glad you guys are back online. Isn't it horrible how dependent we become on the internet? I think I'd rather go without TV :)

    Keep us posted on the other "sale". Hoping it happens very soon for all of you.

    BTW, nice faucet ;)

  5. Happy that you have, at least, got an 'offer'... We know how you feel about the waiting part!!

    We'll keep our fingers crossed that this all works out in the best possible way quickly.


  6. SO glad to hear you have the offer. Hope your realtor doesn't back off but continues to show it so the first folks with the $$$ can get you out of there and on the road.

    Congrats on the bolt! I always do the same thing. Don't trust myself to know where something is and leave the place I thought to the very last.

    The bird must be seeing his reflection but it's great entertainment for the kitties.