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Tuesday, 5/24/11: Hollywood Cemetery and Geocaching with Jim and Dee

Sunday was a day of relaxation.  We stayed home all day.  I watched the NASCAR race Sunday afternoon, and we did TV and internet Sunday night.  Not much else going on.  Monday we planned to spend the afternoon with Jim and Dee. However, the weather forecast looked kind of marginal so we decided to postpone to Tuesday.  Terri and I went out and ran some errands instead.  We never did get the rain storms that were forecast for our area.

Today we finally made it to the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.  Terri and I have been to this cemetery a couple of times before, but this was Jim and Dee's first visit.  This is a very old cemetery dating back to 1849.  We looked at many of the tombstones and memorials.  Because of the cemetery's size, it would take days to view everything.  There are two U.S. Presidents here, James Monroe and John Tyler, and the only president of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis.  There's also a 90-foot high granite pyramid built as a memorial to the more than 18,000 enlisted men of the Confederate Army that are buried in the cemetery.  Here are some pictures.  Click on them to enlarge.

Iron statue of a dog standing watch over a little girl's grave

Another view of the dog and grave

90-foot high granite pyramid memorial

Dee and Terri walking up to the pyramid

Dee and Terri standing in front of the pyramid

View of the James River
Dee and Jim with the James River behind them

"Hello, anybody home?"

Jefferson Davis
After we finished up at the Hollywood Cemetery, we headed back to Ashland and had lunch at the Dairy Queen.  Jim and Dee wanted to give us a sampling of geocaching, so after lunch we headed out to see what we could find.  We found two separate caches.  One was about the size of a shoe box, and the other was called a micro cache.  It was very interesting, and we had a lot of fun.  Terri and I will have to see if we can find any on our own sometime.

Setting up the GPS

"I know it's around here somewhere."

Micro cache (sorry, a bit out of focus)
After geocaching, we headed home.  Another great day of fun with our friends.


  1. Thanks for taking us to the cemetery, that was quite an experience. The geocaching is also so fun to do in different areas. It's so great being with you guys.

  2. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Any news on the house (2nd house)? We're keeping our fingers crossed for you :)

  3. Geocaching is a lot of fun. Except when we get poison ivy. The cemetery looks very interesting. We will have to check it out when we get in that area. Hope you do not have to mow the yard much longer!

  4. Glad to hear you aren't still mowing the grass. :-)

    If you get that geocaching thing down maybe you can teach me.

    Anybody else looking at the house or at the 2nd house?


  5. Nice to see Jefferson Davis has a car ready for him to take a ghostly ride in when he feels the need.

    That is some pile of rocks!