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Tues., 5/17/11: Quick visit, Tumbleweed, dinner... rain

Welcome to new followers FD5 (John and Bridget) who we’re looking forward to meeting soon, and Laura Raber who we had the pleasure of meeting at the RV Dreams Rally last month.

Yesterday, in comparison to recent days, was a rather busy day for us.  We’ve been in contact with Jim and Dee (Tumbleweed) and were looking forward to their arrival here mid-afternoon.   Late in the morning, as we were tidying up the RV, we got a phone call from our good friend Paul (R Sanity RV Adventures) wondering if he could stop by for a visit.  Of course we were thrilled to have him stop by, and he arrived about an hour later just as we finished tidying up.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so the three of us sat outside and talked for a while.  Paul and Marti have given us tremendous support throughout this entire process and transition.  He was aware of Jim and Dee's pending arrival and hoped to see them before he left but just missed them.  We’re hoping that he and Marti will be able to meet up with us before Jim and Dee move on.

Around 4:00 I went outside to see if I could see Jim and Dee's rig.  They were here, so we decided to walk over and greet them.  They were all set up and settled in. 

They invited us inside, and we sat and talked for a while.  After some catching up we decided to head to a local Italian restaurant for dinner.  However, when we got there the doors were locked and the sign said that they were closed on Monday.  Well great!  Now what?  This was one of those moments, that in retrospect, you realize how things some times make sense.  There was a number of routes I could have chosen to get to the Italian restaurant.  It just so happens that the route I chose took us past a local seafood restaurant that Terri and I really like but tend to forget about.  While we were trying to decide on an alternative, Jim mentioned the seafood restaurant.  So we headed over to Calabash. 

We all enjoyed our food, the waitress was great, and it all worked out well.  If I hadn't taken that particular route, we probably would have missed out on an excellent meal at Calabash.  Afterward, we called it a night and dropped Jim and Dee off at their Cameo.

Yesterday was a great day of both expected and unexpected visits with friends.  It was great spending some time with Paul, and then later with Jim and Dee.  Jim and Dee are planning to stay here a week, and we’re all looking forward to spending more time together.

Today was a rainy day.  Since the forecast called for rain most of the day we hadn’t made any set plans, so first thing in the morning, I headed over to the house to pick up yesterday’s mail and then run another errand.  After that we just relaxed the rest of the morning with our laptops and TV.  Jim and Dee stopped by in the afternoon.  It’s so nice just to be able to sit and talk and spend time with friends.  We decided that, due to the rainy weather, we wouldn't do anything special today.

Later in the afternoon I drove back over to the house to pick up today's mail while Terri baked a cherry pie.  After dinner we took a couple of pieces of the pie over to Jim and Dee and enjoyed some more conversation.  After another enjoyable evening, Terri and I headed back to our place for TV and laptops... and cherry pie.

Another great day with friends.  We've made some plans for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow we’re planning a little sight seeing, so stay tuned.


  1. It was great to see ya'll, too. Thanks for the visit.

    I may have to make a repeat visit before the Cherry Pie (my favorite) is all gone! ;c)

  2. Looking forward to meeting y'all tomorrow.

    Stay Safe

  3. Jim & Dee are great people. We really like them - met them at the Myrtle Beach rally last year. So glad you could meet up with them!

  4. MMmmmmmmm good. That pie looks SO delicious. Wish I was nearby so I could just "happen" to drop by.