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Huntington Beach State Park… Day 7

Sunday 11/3/2013

Huntington Beach State Park

Murrells Inlet, SC

Today, Sunday, 11/3, we said our goodbyes to five couples.  John & Ginny, Jim & Dee, Howard & Linda, Hank & Selene, and Jim & Judy.  Kris left too, while Ray stayed one more night, but we bid her farewell the night before.

Before their departure, Howard & Linda weighed Jim & Dee’s and Jim & Judy’s rigs.  We gathered in the morning…

and soon they were ready to head over to the “weigh site” to get weighed.
DSCN3810      DSCN3811

Some of us headed over to watch.

Jim & Judy were first after stopping at the dump station.
DSCN3813      DSCN3814DSCN3815      DSCN3819

Soon Jim & Dee were pulling in for their turn...
DSCN3820      DSCN3821DSCN3822      DSCN3827

at the scales.
DSCN3823      DSCN3829

After the weighing process was finished, we said our “see ya laters” to all three couples.  Jim & Dee and Jim & Judy were on their way out, and Howard & Linda were going back to their site to pack up and leave.  Terri and I also bid farewell to John & Ginny and Hank & Selene a little later in the day.

Shortly after noon Terri and I took a walk on the beach.
DSCN3838      DSCN3836
DSCN3852      DSCN3853

It was a beautiful day at the beach.

Later, Paul & Marti, George & Laurie, and Terri & I went to a local Chinese buffet for dinner.
DSCN3855      DSCN3856

The food was delicious and,  of course, I was stuffed when we walked out of there.  But then, I don’t think any of us left hungry!

On the way back home we stopped for gas.

It certainly was nice to see the price below $3.00!

We finished out the evening with one last campfire.
DSCN3864      DSCN3865

Tomorrow is a travel day for Paul & Marti and Terri & I.  We’ll be heading back to the Volunteer Village at J. Strom Thurmond Lake.


  1. We haven't eaten since we left :-) Well, we've cut way back Good times!

  2. Love all the new BIG chair header photos from this years clan gathering. Smile everytime I see each couple in those chairs:o)) Nice wrap-up and you found the best Chinese Food in the area!!!

  3. Looks odd to see a small group around the campfire. We've eaten at that buffet several times too. It's all good.

  4. We haven't seen gas under $3 in a long time!
    It sure sounds like you all had a marvelous time at Huntington. I think that campground is one of the nicest we've ever stayed at.

  5. Great coverage of the South Carolina gathering. I think I saw gas under $3 once 5 or 6 years ago. Were you at a vintage station??

  6. We enjoyed those "low" SC gas prices too. Maybe one day we'll make it to a CC Gathering, they look like so much fun!