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Huntington Beach State Park… Day 6

Saturday 11/2/2013

Huntington Beach State Park

Murrells Inlet, SC

Saturday, 11/2, was a quiet day.  I think many of us are beginning to get a bit weary from all of the fun, excitement, and eating!  Early in the afternoon Terri and I went over to visit with Jim and Dee for awhile.

We hadn’t been able to visit with them too much since we arrived here, and we had some catching up to do since we haven’t seen them for a year.  We enjoyed our visit with them, and hopefully it won’t be another year until we see them again!

After we had been visiting for a while, I saw Paul and Marti outside getting the fire started.  I went out to lend a hand, and soon Terri, Jim, and Dee came out and joined us.  Eventually the others started congregating in anticipation of another wiener roast!
DSCN3771      DSCN3774
DSCN3787      DSCN3788

The temperatures were 10-15 degrees cooler today, and some of us were a bit chilly…

while others were just happy, happy, happy!
DSCN3775      DSCN3782

We still had a lot of firewood!  So Howard pulled his truck over next to ours, and we loaded some of the wood into the back of his truck.

By now the fire was ready…

and we all had a great wiener roast along with leftovers from the week’s earlier meals.

We finished off the evening sitting around the campfire and trying to stay warm.
DSCN3794      DSCN3806

Tomorrow about half the group will be leaving us.  Sadly the week of fun is coming to an end.


  1. That's a great picture of Jim and Dee. Funny isn't it how some people are out in short sleeves as happy as can be and others have their polar fleece on and are still cold. I'm a polar fleecer myself. :-) These posts about your days with the group have really been great. Thanks for doing them.

  2. It looks like you needed a bigger fire! Brrr! Except for a few, everyone looked cold. Time to move further south :)

  3. Its great meeting up with friends and swapping stories, true or slightly stretching the truth. We enjoy these type get together.

  4. We're gonna have fun with that left over firewood...and hotdogs! ;c)

  5. What a great time! It was chilly, but the mosquitos were so bad the jacket was a shield.