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Huntington Beach State Park… Day 2

Tuesday, 10/29/2013

Huntington Beach State Park

Murrells Inlet, SC

After making a grocery run today we headed to the beach for some relax time.  Laurie, Dee, and Selene were already there enjoying the afternoon.

What a beautiful day!
DSCN3503      DSCN3502

We sat for a while and enjoyed the wonderful views.  Soon it was time to head back to prepare for the evening activities.

First we had a “swap meet.”
DSCN3507      DSCN3508

George was our “swaptioneer” and did an excellent job!
DSCN3522      DSCN3521

Everyone watched with great anticipation…
DSCN3509      DSCN3511DSCN3514      DSCN3517

but there weren’t too many “swappers.”  It seems we all had the same mindset that fulltimers have of “how much does it weigh?….where are we going to store it?….am I ever going to use it?” and so many items went unwanted.  Howard did take the air pump to replace his old, used up unit…

and a couple other people also claimed some “treasures.”  Some of these books…

and the Good Sam Travel Guide have become fire starting material!

After the “swap meet” we had a weenie roast!
DSCN3539      DSCN3540DSCN3541      DSCN3542

Neil and Nancy brought pepperoni to roast on the fire…  Howard decided to give it a try.
DSCN3544      DSCN3545

We finished off the meal with a few deserts!

The rest of the evening was spent around the campfire…

visiting and just enjoying our time together.

Another great day at Huntington Beach!


  1. What a calm ocean! Good friends and good just can't get any better than that.

  2. I just love this. I couldn't be there...sob sob but I get to read 4 different accounts of what is gong on. Great job of swap meet coverage Mike. The best so far!! I would love to have heard George trying to sell them. Books as firestarter oh my. I would have taken them and put them in the next campground book swap. Sure am envying you the weather there at the beach. Great post!!

  3. T'was a wonderful day for us, but not so much for the weenies... ;c)

  4. Seems a common thread, food, and more food :)

  5. Seems like you all are having a great time, Dave has been doing pepperoni over the fire since this past summer, give me s'mores instead any day. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. You all sure are eating good! :)

  7. Never heard of roasted pepperoni over a fire. Is it good? Looks like a beautiful spot in SC

    1. We didn't try the pepperoni, but those who did said it was crunchy and quite tasty -- almost like a pepperoni chip.