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Huntington Beach State Park… Day 3


Wednesday, 10/30/2013

Huntington Beach State Park

Murrells Inlet, SC

Today we, and three other couples, took our Sea Eagles out for a paddle on the Intracoastal Waterway.  Paul & Marti, George & Laurie, Howard & Linda, and Terri & I drove over to the public boat ramp next to Wacca Weche Marina and pumped up our Sea Eagles.
DSCN3565      DSCN3566DSCN3567      DSCN3572

Soon Howard & Linda were checking with the rest of us to see if we were ready…

and off we went to the water’s edge.

Marti & Paul

Linda & Howard

George & Laurie

We all launched successfully and headed south with the outgoing tide.
DSCN3582      DSCN3584
DSCN3583      DSCN3586

The scenery was beautiful along the waterway.
DSCN3590      DSCN3591

Here’s George & Laurie…

and Paul & Marti...

and Howard & Linda.

We continued on…

until Howard and Linda found a narrow inlet to navigate.  Of course we all followed them, some of us (Terri, George, and Laurie) reluctantly.

We didn’t travel far before we had to turn around and head back out.
Paul & Marti are heading toward us…

and George & Laurie are heading away from us.

I really enjoyed this little side trip into the “jungle.”

Once back on the main waterway we continued south after an airplane and a few larger vessels passed by.
DSCN3617      DSCN3618

DSCN3623      DSCN3624

Howard & Linda found another “side trip” to explore.  They had gotten a little ahead of the rest of us, so when we got there we waited a while to see if they would come back out.
DSCN3629      DSCN3626DSCN3627      DSCN3628

They didn’t, so we headed in too. 

Soon we met up with them.

They were on their way back to see what had happened to us.  Laurie checked Google maps on her phone and it was determined that we were on a loop that would come back around to the main waterway, so we decided to follow it.
DSCN3634      DSCN3635
DSCN3637      DSCN3639
DSCN3642      DSCN3644

It was a lovely paddle along this waterway with calm water and very little wind.

Here are a couple great views showing the depth change from high to low tide.

We had timed our float to coincide with the tides and had it figured out that by the time we were ready to head back north, the tide would have changed direction.  We were just a bit early, and the water was at “slack” tide.  Paul explained that at “slack tide” there was no current because we were between low and high tides.  We headed north back to the boat ramp where our vehicles were parked.  Before we reached the ramp, we did notice the current had changed and was beginning to head north.
DSCN3647      DSCN3648

According to Howard, we paddled about three hours and travelled about five miles!

After our return to the campground, the whole group enjoyed pizza, and of course dessert too. 

DSCN3652      DSCN3653DSCN3654      DSCN3655DSCN3651      DSCN3656DSCN3657      DSCN3658

It was all excellent!  “Thank you” to Paul & Marti for picking up the pizzas for us!

The rest of the evening was spent around the campfire.
DSCN3660      DSCN3662DSCN3663      DSCN3664

Another awesome day with friends!


  1. Hate to think the fun will have to end. It's been such a great time! It was a great paddle and almost no one got wet... ;c)

  2. A great paddle followed by Pizza- what is better than that?

  3. I can't think of anything better than paddlin&pizza either...especially with good friends. Wishing all safe travels to their next destinations.

  4. I love those little spur paddles. That looks like a good one. Out with the tide and in with the tide is the easy fun way. You got it just right. This post is terrific coverage of what looks like a great day. I sure could use a slice of that pizza after all the paddling work. :-) But where are the desserts??

  5. Paddling the intercoastal is one of our favorite paddles:o)) Looks like you had a wonderful day!!

  6. Don't you just love you Sea Eagle? Convenient, easy to transport, stows in the back of our SUV and so much fun ... especially with friends. Top that off with pizza and you've got a perfect day. ENJOY

  7. Paddling the Intercoastal waterway is one of our favorite paddles!! Paddling it with good friends makes it even better. Looks like you had a great day:o))

  8. In the jungle, the mighty jungle...I might have had to start playing the theme from Deliverance! Some of that jungle looked a bit on the scary side!

  9. We enjoyed the inter-coastal last year too, love the side trips never know what you're going to find. Sorry your vacation has to end but looks like you had a wonderful time.

  10. Great paddle with great friends. Top that off with pizza. Now that's hog heaven!