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OH to WV to VA, 3 week update, and emergency laser treatment

Wednesday 10/3/2012


Ashland, VA

Well… it’s been a bit more than three weeks since our last post.  We’ve been keeping busy… but not toooo busy. Smile

Sunday, 9/9, we left Alton RV Park near Columbus, OH, and headed southeast towards Charleston, WV, and the dreaded WV Turnpike.  Our decision to travel this route was due to the fact that I was having trouble finding a good stopping point in northwest Maryland.  I really, really did NOT want to take the turnpike because of the rough road and the tolls, but we did anyway.  To our amazement, the turnpike seemed to be smoother than in the past.  Perhaps some higher up government official had to take the toll road and realized its condition, so they finally allocated some funds for road repairs.

We arrived at our destination, Summer Wind RV Park,
near Dawson, WV, about 5:30PM.  We stayed there last year on our way west from Virginia.  We both really liked it and were looking forward to stopping there again.  It’s a small little park with just one 50 Amp site with full hookups,
and several 30 Amp, full hookup sites.  The camp host is very friendly and welcoming.  The park offers a 15% Escapee discount which we took advantage of.  I took this picture very early Monday morning…
from right outside our door.

Monday, 9/10, we left Summer Wind and headed east to the Americamps/KOA near Ashland, VA.
This was where we spent just over five months last year before we hit the road headed to South Dakota.  We’re back here for a month to visit friends and former coworkers, get the truck and car serviced, get our taxes done, dentist appointments, and do some site seeing.  We’re parked in site B6 in the new section.  The park is under new management, and they’re doing a great job sprucing the place up.  I’ll cover that in another post with pictures.
We’ve visited with our friends Russ, Sheri, and Barbara.
Here’s a picture of Terri and Sheri.
Terri also went out for lunch with our friends Valerie and Vicki.
We went over to Will and Vicki’s house for pizza and a nice evening of visiting too.
Terri and Vicki…   and Mike and Will
This past Monday Terri spent nearly the entire day at her former workplace visiting with her old work buddies.  I’ll be going to my former workplace soon for a visit also.

Richmond and the surrounding area has extensive Civil War history, so we’ve spent a couple of days visiting battle sites and forts in the area.  Here’s a small collage of just a sampling of what we saw.
There’s so much to see in this area, including forts, earthworks, and battlefields.  We also stopped at Osborne Landing along the James River.
One of our favorite places to visit is Pole Green Produce.  When we lived here in our sticks-and-bricks we frequently stopped here for fruits and veggies.  They usually have quite a selection of produce.

Tuesday, 10/2, Terri informed me that she was having a problem with her left eye.  She had been seeing some “floaters” and flashing lights occasionally.  We decided she needed to get examined, so she called her eye doctor and they instructed her to come in right away.  So off we went to Mechanicsville for an exam.  They determined that she had a slight tear in her retina, and we were instructed to go to another location to see a retina specialist.  After his exam, he determined that she should immediately have laser treatment to repair the tear.  Amazingly, the procedure actually only took a couple of minutes to perform.  She didn’t/isn’t experiencing any pain or discomfort, and the doctor said she was under no restrictions.  A VERY stressed-out Terri asked the doctor if she could have a gin and tonic when we got home, and he said “have two!” Surprised smile  She needs to go back for a follow up appointment on Friday, 10/12.  Our original plan was to leave here on Wednesday, 10/10.  Time to get out that big eraser and change our plans again! Winking smile

Smile Open-mouthed smile Smile Open-mouthed smile Smile


  1. Geez, you guys have had your share of issues (well Terri anyway!). Glad you were in your hometown when it happened, at least!

  2. I agree that WV woke up and fixed their turnpike, it does seem better. Maybe it's because it's an election year?

    Glad that Terri was able to get her eye taken care of, good thing you were in your old home area and knew where to go. Eyes are nothing to mess with. (Phew!)

    Enjoy your time in your old stomping grounds, but don't get too comfortable, we're looking forward to seeing you at the CC gathering!

  3. Really like the small rv parks. We have not been back to visit old co-workers since we left in 2010. Next time we are in Indiana we will have to do that.

    Laser technology is great, really glad Terri was able to get her eye taken care of. Hopefully you are all done with the medical issues.

  4. Wow! Well at least Terri is getting all her issues over with this year. Next year is your turn Mike :)
    I've always heard that they could do amazing things with laser eye surgery. I guess that is true. They can even give you permission to drink :) Hope those gin and tonics tasted good after all that :)

  5. Take care of those eyes!!! Sorry it happened, but glad you cold get it corrected promptly!!

  6. It's great that Terri was able to have the eye problem taken care of so quickly. Less time you have to worry about it!

  7. SOOO GREAT to see you both! Just a wonderful afternoon. The eye story is just amazing to me. Such a fast turn around and it's fixed. There are some things our medical world is actually good at. It does help to be in an area where you know who to go to for good care. Your eyes looked beautiful and so did you Terri! Ahhhhh Mike you looked good too. :-))) Thanks so much for making the long drive.

  8. I'm so glad you were in "home town" when you had problems with the eye. That's really scary! See you soon!

  9. Glad you got that eye taken care of- yikes. That looks like a great produce stand.

  10. good deal getting the eye taken care of!!! Here's to a quick recovery.

  11. Tough year Terri. We are glad it is all fixed. Bob's had his hard year also but with heart issues. All is good now. Where will you be wintering? We are in Bentsen Grove, Texas. This is our third year and we love all the friendly people and great activities.