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A visit with Sherry and David

Wednesday 10/11/2012


Ashland, VA

Last Thursday, 10/4, we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with our RV friends, Sherry and David.
(Click on their highlighted names above if you would like to read Sherry’s blog about our visit.)
They’re in the process of having some repairs and painting done to their house before heading south to Florida.  So, Terri and I made arrangements to visit them at their beautiful farm in rural Virginia near Charlottesville.  This was our first visit to their farm.  Many, many years ago Terri and I went to visit my sister and her family when they were living in Maryland.  Their house, too, was located in a very remote location.  Just like our drive to David and Sherry’s home, we drove and drove and drove.  When we finally did arrive at my sister’s house that day long ago, I was inspired to say this descriptive phrase about our trek: “If you think you’ve gone too far, drive a little farther, and you’ll be there!”  This was the case, again, traveling to David and Sherry’s farm.  I’m glad I studied Google maps and knew what to expect. Smile  It was well worth the drive, however, as it was a beautiful day and we both thoroughly enjoyed the scenery.
David was napping when we arrived, so Terri and I sat in the living room and chatted with Sherry for a little while.  Soon David was up from his nap and joined in on the conversation.  Shortly thereafter, we moved to the dining room for lunch.  We had a very delicious meal of HOMEMADE vegetable soup,
salad with fresh Hanover tomatoes,
and focaccia bread.
The food was wonderful and the company even better.  After we finished lunch we headed out for a nice walk up the farm lane and down to their lower field.  Of course then we had to walk back up from the lower field and then down the lane to get back. Smile   It was a lovely day for a walk, and we really enjoyed the tour of their farm.
After we got back to the house, it was time for some of David’s famous homemade cherry pie!  Now we know why it’s so famous - YUM!!!
Sherry poured out some water for us to drink,
while Terri…
watched David cut the pie!
The pie was absolutely delicious!  We all enjoyed it along with more wonderful conversation.  The afternoon flew by, and too soon it was time to leave.  We moved out to the yard…
and continued to visit for a while.  Time for one more picture of Sherry and David before we left.
We absolutely had a great time visiting with our friends.  Thank you so very much Sherry and David for your hospitality and the delicious lunch and pie.  Hopefully we’ll see you down south this winter. Open-mouthed smile

Smile Open-mouthed smile Smile Open-mouthed smile Smile


  1. So terrific to have you come over and see us and our little house out in the back of beyond. Keep in touch so we know when we can meet up again.

  2. What a great visit! I didn't realize they were THAT far out in the boonies :) Did you get David's prize winning cherry pie recipe????

  3. I didn't realize their farm was so off the beaten path. :)

  4. That was awesome that you we able to visit Sherry and David. You are such wonderful friends, we know that first hand. :c)

  5. So very nice for you guys to visit Sherry & David. It would be good for all of us to be able to see them in Carolina, maybe we all should go to Florida instead :)

  6. Nice time with good folks:o)) Yes, that pie is something special!!!

  7. Nice visit and the great area is a bonus!