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Another move and… Judy and Emma

Sunday 10/21/2012

Kampers Lodge Campground

Wilson,  NC

We were able to stay at Holly Point Campground for three nights (Wed., Thu., and Fri.) even though it was a reservable site.  Yesterday morning we made a donation to Holly Point’s recycle program
and then packed up and headed out for Wilson, NC.  Our destination was a Passport America park called Kampers Lodge Campground.
We had been looking for a stopover point on our way to the coast and found out about this park from Judy who writes the blog Travels with Emma.  She was currently there with plans to leave today, which she did.  We contacted her through email and made plans to meet her and Emma yesterday afternoon after we got settled in.
We walked over to Judy’s motorhome and spent almost two delightful hours talking and enjoying each other’s company.
Emma, Judy’s dog, is just wonderful.  She’s very friendly and loves to give kisses.  Judy gave us a few suggestions on things to do in the Wilson area, and we hope to do at least a couple of them while we’re here.  It’s always nice to be able to meet up with fellow bloggers.  Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime soon allowing us another visit with them.

Today we stayed close to home.  This morning we washed the windows both inside and out.  They were in dire need of a good cleaning, and it’s amazing how nice it is to look out sparkling clean windows!  Later in the afternoon we took a walk around the park.  Here’s our site #H2.
There’s a laundry area,
pool, which was closed,
and mini golf.
This is the office and road leading to the campground.
The park is located northeast of town on U.S. 301, but the traffic noise isn’t noticeable.  We got a full hookup 50 amp site for $17.50 per night.  Cable TV is available for $2.50 per day.  We passed on the cable since we have DirecTV and we’re able to get all the major networks with our antenna.Smile  The park is nice and quiet, and we’ll stay here again if in the area.

Another attraction here at the park are the donkeys!
(Aren’t they cute Sherry?  Terri gave them an extra pat for you!)
There are four of them, and they’re very friendly!  We both enjoyed “visiting” with them.

We’ll be here in Wilson until Wednesday.  Then we’ll be headed down to Cedar Point for a few nights where our friends the Gypsy Turtles are staying.

Smile Open-mouthed smile Smile Open-mouthed smile Smile


  1. Very nice park-Great that you got to meet Judy and Emma
    Those are some cute donkeys.

  2. It was great chatting with both of you too! Hope our paths cross again down the road.

  3. So excited to see you! Now I have to go wash windows so Lucy is presentable :)

  4. Hmm, missed that park while researching a place to stay. Dang, already got reservations somewhere else :)

  5. Judy is a sweetheart, we so enjoyed meeting her and keep in touch via our blogs. We are just amazed at how she travels by herself and does such wonderful volunteering around the country. She has a great picture of you two on her blog.

    Looks like the full time RV life is agreeing with you.

    That was quite a bunch of "Democrats" you visited with. Did they try and influence your vote? ;c)

  6. Love parks with Recycling Centers. I see I'd better write down Kamper's Lodge since it has three thumbs up. I suppose Emma would give it one too. So glad you got to meet Judy and Emma. That's a good picture of them. Hope I'll cross paths with them a some point too.

    Thanks for giving the burros a pat for me. They really are the nicest and friendliest of creatures. Love the pictures.