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T-Time: Graduation Day – Goodbye Hastings

Monday 8/20/2012

Hastings Campground

Hastings, NE

Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement as I face my fears and get back in the (bike) saddle again! Mike was kind when he said that I was “a little” nervous riding again. I think it’s more appropriate to say that I was (and still am) A LOT nervous. But I’m working on it. . . . Smile

Well, it finally arrived. Today was my “graduation day” from physical therapy.

Here’s Scott, the person that put me back together.

And here’s where he works.

If you ever find yourself in or near Hastings, Nebraska in need of some arm rehabilitation, Scott’s your man! Scott is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist, and I can attest to the fact that he’s excellent at what he does. When I first started seeing him I was in pretty sad shape. Physically my wrist, fingers, and shoulder could barely move, and mentally I was scared, discouraged, and wondered how, or even if, I would ever recover. But Scott was more than up to the task! Not only does he have consummate rehabilitation skills, he’s a champion motivator. He assured me that I would recover, encouraged me every step of the way, and continuously reassured me that I was making progress even at times when I couldn't see it. On top of all that, he’s an exceptionally nice person with a winning personality and great sense of humor.

All the therapists and staff at Hastings Physical Therapy are extremely friendly and patient-oriented. If the need should ever arise again (hopefully not any time soon!) and we’re in the area, I wouldn’t hesitate to return. Thanks again, Scott, for everything!!

Mike and I are constantly amazed at how small this world really is. Through the course of my sessions, we found out that Scott was born in a town 30 miles east of our hometown in Illinois and his grandparents lived in a town 30 miles west of our hometown, so he’s familiar with the stomping ground where we were raised. AND we discovered that his grandfather and my father knew each other! What a small world!

And speaking of small world experiences, Mike touched on it briefly in the last post, but shortly after we arrived in Hastings last April, I discovered that the wife of one of my former co-workers is from Hastings. He and his family were in town a couple weekends ago to take part in the Kool-Aid Days festivities with his mother-in-law, so we were lucky enough to visit with him over lunch one day.

So now that my therapy is done we’ll be leaving Hastings tomorrow. Our plan is to gradually head to Illinois to visit with my brother and some friends for a couple weeks before we start slowly heading south. We’ve enjoyed so many things about this town: the friendly people, the quaint city parks, the small town atmosphere, the convenience (you can get wherever you want to go in ten minutes), and the sunsets (they’re some of the prettiest we’ve ever seen), but it’s time to move on.


  1. Hearty Congratulations! I knew it was just a short time till you were on your way.
    As good as Scott is, I HOPE I'll never need his services :)
    Safe travels and see you soon!

  2. Congratulations on your Graduation!!! : )

    If you get a chance stop by and see us in Illinois. We're in that same CG in Rantoul, and will be here until around the middle of September.

    Safe travels.

  3. Woohoo! Glad you finally get to escape. I'm sure even though it's a nice area, you will be happy to have a different view :)

  4. You are going to leave before they cut the corn? At least give us a final picture:)

  5. I'm sure it will feel very good to be back on the road. Safe travels!

  6. Congratulations Terri. I'm sure you'll both be glad to get back on the road.

  7. That's wonderful, did you graduate with an "A"? You must have judging from the smile on you face.

    Hope you can get the flat spots on the trailer's tires out quickly. Have fun rolling again. :c)

  8. Oh Terri I'm so happy for you. Graduation!! I'm glad Hastings was a nice place for your layover but I know you'll be happy to get back on the road since that's what full timing is all about. Are you heading to Florida? We hope to be heading OUT of Florida in a few days.

  9. Congrats Terri! So happy you are graduating and getting better. We know you guy's are ready to move on down the road and get back to your adventures. Travel Safe!

  10. Good to hear that the therapy went well and the road is calling. Hastings does sound like a nice place to visit though.

  11. I'm so glad you're on the way. Have safe travels, see you soon.

  12. Way to go!! Glad your rehab went well and you are ready to move on. Give the bike will get relaxed with time.

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails!!!