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Four week update… and Kool-Aid Days… and great news!

Thursday 8/16/2012

Hastings Campground

Hastings, NE

Well it’s been four weeks since our last post, except for the previous two posts which were about car shows and races. Obviously we’ve gotten a bit slack with our blogging. Terri continues with her rehab with three visits per week for physical therapy. Her physical therapist, Scott, is very happy with her progress. She’s been working very diligently with her home exercising and workout. The results of her hard work are beginning to payoff with some very noticeable improvement. Scott feels that her dedication to her home exercising and workout has definitely sped up the rehab.
Besides car shows and races (see previous two posts), we’ve been keeping ourselves busy.  We try to take a 35-minute walk at least five times per week, and of course we go to physical therapy three times a week.  I said “we” because I've accompanied Terri to all of her p/t sessions.  We think it’s been beneficial with me being there, and we've developed a great relationship with Scott.

We did go to another movie here in town.  On Wednesday, 7/25, we went to see The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D.
The movie was very entertaining.  It was interesting to watch Sally Field and Martin Sheen in a super-hero movie.  This was our first 3D movie.  We weren’t that impressed with the 3D effect or the extra cost of admission.

We've been out to eat three times.  As mentioned in the last post about car shows (but I’ll mention it again here in case you skipped that post), on 7/21 we went to Skeeter Barnes BBQ while in Kearney for the car show.
It was recommended by Scott, and the food was delicious.  Terri had the ribs with green beans, and I had the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy.
On Thursday, 8/2, Terri and I went out for lunch at the King Buffet in Hastings. It was very delicious, and we definitely got our fill of Chinese food.
Then on Saturday, 8/11, we went to lunch with a former co-worker of Terri’s.  Todd was in town with his family visiting his mother-in-law, Pat.  Todd and Pat joined us for lunch at the Back Alley Bakery.  I had a sandwich called The Prairie Fire which was thinly sliced ham with habanero-peach preserves, cream cheese and provolone.  It had sweet, spicy, tangy flavors all melded into a great tasting sandwich.  Terri had the Blueberry Verde Entrée Salad which was sliced roast chicken breast over Spring greens with dried blueberries, candied walnuts, and goat cheese.  The food was really delicious, and it was really nice spending some time with Todd and his MIL Pat.

On Sunday, 8/5, we went to an arts and crafts show in Libs Park here in Hastings. There were quite a few vendors… we bought nothing.Smile
There were some very cute “get-along sticks” for sale…
including a little boot and a wooden shoe…DSCN4655
and a shifter knob from a car.
There were also a couple of food vendors too.
It was still pretty early in the day, so we decided not to partake in any ice cream or weenies.Open-mouthed smile

This past weekend, 8/10-12, was Kool-Aid Days here in Hastings. This celebration is a very big deal here.  Kool-Aid was invented in Hastings in 1927. Every year on the second weekend in August, Hastings celebrates the invention of Kool-Aid. There are many events planned around the festival each year.  On Saturday we went downtown to watch the parade.  We watched for awhile, but the parade seemed to be mostly local businesses handing out candy and trying to drum up business and politicians trying to get our vote.  There were many, many, MANY kids there with their parents.
We decided to bail out and beat the ensuing after the parade traffic jam.  We did see a big Kool-Aid Man inflatable…
There were food vendors, but again we didn’t partake in any of the offerings.
When we first arrived in Hastings back in April, I did some research about the town and discovered Kool-Aid Days.  At that time I figured we would be long gone from here by then and miss it… wrong again! Smile

Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile
And now some great news…
On Monday, 8/13, Terri got back on her bike for the first time since her biking accident and went for a ride with me at Lake Hastings Park!!!  We rode for about 30 minutes without incident.  Then on Tuesday we went riding again at Lake Hastings for almost 45 minutes!!!  We went again on Wednesday and today for another 30-35 minutes each day!!!  She was a little nervous at first but did just fine.
Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile


  1. Way to go Terri!!!!! Good to hear that you're mending well and doing well with your P T.

    Hope we can meet up again sometime.


  2. Lots of great news!! So glad that Terri got back on her bike for some nice rides. :)

  3. That's hilarious about Kool-Aid days. Never gave it much thought that it would have been invented somewhere :) Glad to see Terri is up on the bike! Hopefully you'll be out of Hastings soon!

  4. Congratulations Terri! Glad to see you back on the "horse" :)

  5. Way to go, Terri!! Glad to hear you guys are doing so well... we often think of you, and look forward to meeting up again soon...

  6. Great to hear you are doing so well Terri. Any idea when you'll be turned loose so to speak??? I can imagine how fearful you must be on a bike again or at least I know I would be. I really admire your courage.

  7. Looks like you are having a Kool time (lol). We saw Spiderman w/o the 3D and enjoyed the movie.

    Nice to see Terri back in the saddle and tearing up the roads (carefully) on her bike. What a rough road to get back there. I better stop with the puns now before I get into (more) trouble. ;c)

    Looking forward to seeing you both at the Carolina Clan meet.

  8. Sounds like some nice things to do there. Good to see Terri wheeling around again!

  9. Yeah Terri! You have put me to shame. I'm still too leery to try anything :(
    Good for you! I'll bet your therapist is about ready to release you and soon, you'll be riding in many different places :)

  10. Way to go Terri!!! Keep up the good work and biking. There are miles of bike trails at Huntington Beach...great place to rid during the CC gathering:o))

  11. Yeah Terri! Glad to hear you are doing so well and it's great that you "got back on the horse".

  12. That's fabulous news to be riding your bike again. I hope you're out of there by the time the snow and cold gets there.

    Congrats on getting back to normal.

  13. What a great blog guys! Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed the cookies. I let everyone in the clinic know that they were actually healthy and delicious so they went quickly. We are certainly going to miss having you visit us in the clinic but I'm happy that you will be able to return to some normalcy in life. Drive safely and take it easy on the Mrs. Mike's when you get to Freeport. I hear they aren't as healthy as Terri's cookies.