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ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 8/21/2012

Prairie Rose State Park

Harlan, IA

We finally made it!  Back on the road again.  We packed up this morning and headed out of Hastings, NE.  But before we did much of anything this morning, we went back to Heartwell Park in Hastings and took our last morning walk there.  It’s a beautiful park, and I just wanted to go back one last time.
Like Terri said in the last entry, we’ve really enjoyed our time in Hastings, but it’s time to get movin’.
Here’s the rig all ready to go.
We pulled out just after noon.  Here’s our site right after I moved the rig out of there.
It’s the site right in the middle of the picture with all the weeds.  By the way, the corn is in the background.  Here’s a closer look at the corn crop… thanks Catherine and Jo Beth for reminding me to give the final update.  Duh!!!  How could I forget the corn report?! Rolling on the floor laughing
Like I said earlier, we left just after noon and arrived here at Prairie Rose State Park just before 4PM.
The main attraction here is the 218-acre Prairie Rose Lake.  Unfortunately the lake has been drained for maintenance, and they hope to begin refilling in mid September.  Here are a few pictures of the “lake area.”
This is a really nice park, and most of the sites have a “lake view.”  Here’s a picture of our site, #17.  It has 50 amp electric and a water spigot nearby, all for $16 per night.
This is the road leading to our site..
and this is the road leading away from our site.
Our view of the “lake.”  It’s that area just beyond the trees.
This seems like a really nice park, and it’s really peaceful here.  Because the lake has been drained, there are very few people here.  I think we counted five or six rigs.  Notice all the empty sites in the pictures above.  We hope to come back some day and see the lake after it’s been refilled.  We’re both glad we came here, and it’s only seven or eight miles off of I80.
Just wanted to mention that this past Friday we went to a restaurant in Grand Island that Scott, Terri’s therapist, recommended.  It’s called The Wave Pizza Company.  It has a real beach feel to it.  There’s a big shark on the front of the building and a VW van inside along with a beach type décor.
Terri had the Rincon Pizza with meatballs, green peppers, red peppers, onions, sauce, and lots of cheese.
And I had the Lover’s Point Pizza with four or five kinds of sausage, sauce, and lots of cheese.
Not a really healthy meal, but it sure was delicious.  We hadn’t had pizza from a restaurant for months, and we really enjoyed it.  Thanks Scott for the recommendation!
Tomorrow we head out of here and continue east.
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  1. Looks like a lovely state park, despite the lack of water :) Thanks for the corn perspective on how long you guys were there!

  2. Glad to see you are rolling again:o)) What kind of maintenance is done on a Lake?!?!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails......

  3. That corn looks great - thanks for the update and congratulations on being back on the road.

  4. Bummer about the lake. Looks like it would be a great place with water. How did it feel see the Nebraska state sign in your rear view mirror?? :-)

  5. Glad to hear you are back on the road. Hope you have smooth sailing!

  6. Finally! How long did it take for you to hook up the trailer? Hope you remembered how to do it.

    The greenery in that lake looks almost as tall as the cornfield. Shame that it was dry and there was no water for you to enjoy.

    Nice price on the new campground, wish all campgrounds were that resonable.

  7. Pizza, humm, haven't had any in a while. Sure sounds yummmmmy. Great that y'all are back on the road.

    Stay Safe

  8. I'll bet it feels mighty good to have those wheels turning under you again :) Those pizzas looked yummy :)

  9. Arn't the local Pizza places the Best!!!

  10. So glad you're back on the road, and everything on your rig that's supposed to come up and in worked ok.

  11. That is my kind of travel day, start at noon and settled by four:)

  12. Glad to hear your ready for travel again. Sure some delicious looking pizza. Safe travels to you both.

  13. That pizza makes me hungry just looking at it. Hope things are going well!

  14. Glad you guys are back on the road. Thanks for the corn report ;) Have fun and safe travels!