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T-Time: Little Darlin'

Monday 3/26/2012

Montgomery South RV Park

Hope Hull, AL

We've said it before, and it remains true, that one of the many perks of this lifestyle is the wonderful friendships we’ve been fortunate enough to make along the way. And speaking of friendships, have you ever met someone that was so bubbly, outgoing, full of charm, and seemed like they could barely contain their excitement of seeing you the very first time you met that you instantly knew you’d become fast friends? Well meet our newest friend, Darlin’.  (Yes, that’s really her name.)
Darlin’ lives on the horse farm next door, but we’ve noticed that she seems to be a common fixture around here. According to the camp hosts, she’s the self-appointed mascot/welcome waggin' (pun intended). She delights in welcoming new guests while also keeping tabs on the residents that have been here for awhile. Darlin’ is so well loved here that long-term residents frequently invite her inside for a snack and a visit,
and guests that have stopped here in their travels will call the campground just to ask how she’s doing. She’s a breath of fresh air and certainly someone that I could learn a few nicety tips from. Sadly, Darlin’ isn’t someone that we’ll be able to meet up with down the road, but you can be sure that if we ever come back to this campground again, we’ll be ecstatic to pick up our friendship right where we left off!


  1. I just love other people's dogs! ;-)
    Little dogs especially. She's a cutie..

  2. She's so cute! One place we stopped at had a "camp host" like that. The owners asked people at check-in to please not feed her because she was quite a bit heavy. It was even printed in the park map leaflet. It was hard to resist those begging eyes though.

  3. That's her! She's still as cute as ever and seeing her sit on your steps brings back memories. One of the cutest, calmest, nicest dogs I've ever met :)
    Too bad she can't make the trek to Texas with you!

  4. That picture of Darli' sitting on you steps must be her begging to become another member of your clan.

    You've got plenty of room, and if you don't, Mike can always sleep in the truck... ;c)

  5. GREAT post! She's a darlin' all right. Bet she's great for business. People return just to check up on her. Nice neighbor for an RV campground.

  6. That park is a regular stop for us on a north south run:)

  7. We stopped there last year for just one night. Unfortunately we did not get to meet her. Hopefully next time. We do not have any pets so we just enjoy others!