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Back to Alabama… headin’ west soon

Sunday 3/25/2012

Montgomery South RV Park

Hope Hull, AL

After extensive consideration, we decided to change our plans again.  We had planned to venture further south and check out an RV park near Hahira, GA, called Cain’s Creekside RV Park, and then on down to the Tampa area for a few days.  But due to time constraints, we’ve decided to begin our trek westward with a layover near Montgomery.

We’re currently at Montgomery South RV Park just southwest of Montgomery near Hope Hull, AL.  We left Cotton Hill Campground just north of Fort Gaines, GA, on Monday.  We had a successful trip that took just under three hours, including a stop along the highway while a crew cut down a dead tree along side the road.
This is a small RV park right off of I65.  Upon our arrival, I received a very friendly greeting from Jim, the owner, and Nancy, the office clerk/bookkeeper here at the office.
  We paid for Monday night at the Passport America rate of $21.  This rate is only good Sunday through Thursday.  Then on Tuesday, we decided to stay a week for $125.  The traffic noise isn’t too bad.  Of course, just beyond the interstate is a very active rail line.  The campground is rather small, but we do have a nice pull-through site with 50 amp electric, sewer, and water.  There is also WIFI, and that has worked well for us too.
They have DISH Network available here too, but not cable.  If you don’t have a DISH receiver, Jim can supply one.  I chose not to take advantage of that though.  I put up the antenna, and we can get all the major networks.  They’re not real busy here.  So much so that Jim told me to park the Honda in the site next door.  They’ve had only just a few overnighters since we’ve been here.  There are a number of long-term residents here, and they’re quiet and respectful.  This is a good place for a night or two stop.

There’s a clear view of the southern sky here, so I tried to set up my DirecTV dish but was unable to get a signal.  I determined that my dish is pretty well “used up.”  The wind blew it over several months ago, and as a result the LNB arm is loose and the bracket is bent.  So Tuesday we drove up to Calera, AL, to the Camping World and bought a new dish.  (No, not a “UFO”, just a single LNB round dish.)  We can receive the signal now, and I’m a happy camper… and Terri is happy too because Mike is a happy camper.

Except for the Camping World visit and a trip to Walmart, we’ve just stayed close to home.  We thought about doing some sightseeing, but that just didn’t happen either.  Hopefully, we’ll be heading west on Tuesday… unless our plans change again. Winking smile


  1. A simple campground..nice!
    I think those kind might be the best.

  2. Thanks for the info on the RV park. We may stay there on our way up to Missouri. Stay safe. Jim & Dee

  3. I know that campground! We stayed there last year for a couple of days. It wasn't real busy then either :) There was a small dog that would come and visit with us and our next door neighbors. A really nice, well behaved dog. Turned out he belonged to one of the other residents I heard.
    We enjoyed the full hookups to catch up on laundry etc. as we had just come from a COE park with no sewer. They were very friendly and we'd definitely stay again. Easy on, easy off and PA too.

  4. Sorry you didn't make it down to Florida. We would have loved to see you but with your reservations in Texas, I can see how you have to get on your way.

    I love COE camps but then I don't watch TV so they are perfect for me. And since Winnona uses her w/d space for extra storage I don't care about sewer at the site either.

    Hope Katie is doing well.
    Safe travels on your way west!

  5. Alabama seems to have magnetic appeal for you, it keeps dragging you back. ;c)

    We love (LOVE) PPA, how can you not become a member? It is one of the best bargains out there.

    Get plenty of rest. Texas is a BIG state to drive through.