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T-Time: Has anyone seen my memory?


I’ve lost it!




I guess it comes with the territory.  Along with advancing birthdays comes memory loss.  I’m not alone.  My conversations with Mike are usually peppered with the words “don’t forget” and “oh yeah” as we’re constantly – sometimes repeatedly – reminding each other about something.  Whenever Mike says “Help me to remember. . .” I know we’re both in trouble.  To compensate for this deficiency, I’ve learned over the years to write myself notes and set timers for things that I’m afraid I’ll forget.  For instance, when I wash clothes at the campground laundry, I set the kitchen timer to remind me when to go back and empty the machines.  When there’s something on TV that I really want to watch, I write down the time and channel and set it on the end table next to my recliner.  When we get low on, or run out of, supplies, I write them down on my ongoing shopping list. These tactics usually serve me pretty well.  Unfortunately, I’ve gotten so used to seeing notes and lists laying around that sometimes I tend to overlook them.  For instance, for the last two weeks I’ve wanted to return a tube of silicone to Wal-Mart.  So for the last two weeks I’ve put at the top of my shopping list “return silicone.”  Have I remembered to take the silicone with me to Wal-Mart?  No!  My shopping list for next week now begins – again – with “return silicone.”  Then there are the times when I’ve forgotten that I recently purchased something and purchase it again.  For instance, the campground’s potluck dinner was this past Tuesday.  I decided to make deviled eggs and cookies, and we had just used up our last two eggs.  Our deviled egg holder holds eight, and I needed two for the cookies – that’s a total of ten eggs that I needed for the potluck.  Since that would only leave two remaining, I added TWO dozen eggs to my shopping list.  You see where this is heading, don’t you?  After we got home from the grocery store and were putting away the groceries, what did I see when I opened the refrigerator door?  A dozen eggs, albeit pushed back a little ways, that I had somehow overlooked and forgotten that we purchased LAST week!!!  Guess I’ll be baking some more cookies, we’ll be eating LOTS of scrambled eggs, and I’ll be going door-to-door to see if any of our neighbors need to “borrow” some eggs.


Thanks everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes!


  1. This is a wonderful blog post Terri I just laughed in recognition of your reflection of my life. I once had a great memory and now..........well, let's just say that I have set up a google calendar and put everything I have to remember on it so that when I log on to check my email, google will remind me. So I guess I now have a google memory. SIGH.............

    LOVE your post, please post more often!

  2. Funny. As they say-been there, done that:) The worst is when it can cause damage. I have now twice forgotten that I was filling the fresh water tank until someone knocks on the door to tell be I have water dripping out of the coach:(

  3. Who are you again? And why am I reading your blog???

  4. Terri, that was a hoot! Unfortunately, that malady lives at our house too. I'm like Sherry. It all goes on Google calender. Only I go a step further and it either emails me or texts me at different intervals so I don't forget. I still do :(
    Also, like Sherry, I hope you'll post more often :)

  5. Hmmmm!!! Forgot what I was going to say!!!

  6. Ahhh the joys of However as you can see, don't feel like the Lone Ranger, the rest of us are in the same boat.

  7. Hi Terri and Mike,
    I am really enjoying your blog but sure wish I knew how to comment here without sounding like an anonymous weirdo who is not using their name to stay, well... anonymous! How does one sign in for real here so people don't think I'm weird or dumb or something worse like I'm old and don't know what I'm doing? Am I rambling again? Yeah, that's the next step after the forgetting stage!!!! Anyhow did I say that I'm enjoying your blog? Oh I did. See why I won't write a blog? I'll just keep repeating myself, but I do like reading yours. Oh yeah I said that already! Did I say that Mike & I miss you two? We should not have left so soon because
    A) it is so boring here that no one gets off the road and stays even for only one night and
    B) the laundry room costs a fortune, they don't have a change machine and you can't find the owners to get change, then you have to drive about 4 miles to town to find change. Oh did I tell you that the dryers don't dry efficiently and then you have to feed $2 more to finish drying? I'm not complaining mind you, just wish I could find more quarters becuase I have been in this laundry room since Thursday and now it's Saturday night!!!!
    Like I said before...We sure do miss you two and Happy has no one to jump on and say Hi to.
    Love, Sue