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The last two weeks in Sioux Falls, SD… Part 2

Thursday, 9/8/11

Lennox, SD

As I stated in the last post, the last two weeks have flown by.  Here are some more places we explored while in the area.
Veterans Memorial Park is a newer park located on Bailey Street in Sioux Falls.
This park is dedicated to the military members of the local area.  Many names are listed who have paid the ultimate price to defend our country and freedom.  The flags shown below are the flags of the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, P.O.W., and Old Glory.
This is called “Eternal Sentry” and is a representation of the battlefield cross.  The next picture down describes the statue. (click on the pictures to enlarge)
We both thought this was a real nice, peaceful park.  It’s a place to just stop for a moment and reflect.

SculptureWalk” is located in downtown Sioux Falls.  Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m not a real “artsy” guy, but I did enjoy walking around downtown and viewing the various sculptures.  A picture of the description is then followed by a picture(s) of the sculpture.

I really liked the next description, “There really isn’t a statement for this, just an attempt to make something cool.”  Sometimes things just don’t need an interpretation.

Terri liked this one.
I thought this one was real cute.
Here is a “two sided” one.
One side is the man and the other side is the woman.  The top actually will turn so that you can view both sides without walking around the sculpture.
This is just a very small sampling of the sculptures.  There are a total of fifty sculptures placed throughout the downtown area.  Every year they are replaced with new ones.  People can vote on their favorite, and the one garnering the most votes will be placed in Falls Park.
Here are a few more pictures of Tower Campground where we’ve been staying the last two weeks.

In the last post I mentioned that I had an issue with my laptop.  It wouldn’t start up.  So we took it to a local place and they went through it and found and removed a virus.  They said it would be three days, but it only took one day.  I’m glad they could fix it for me so quickly.

Today we made a "big" move to another campground.  We headed south on I29 to a truck stop/casino/gas station/restaurant/campground called Countryside Travel Plaza near Lennox, SD.
The trip took about twenty minutes.  It was about eighteen miles.  It’s located right next to the exit ramp for I29.  There seems to be a lot of truck traffic and noise here.  Besides the truck stop, there’s a livestock yard across the road from the campground.  Not the greatest of locations, but the price is right.  We’re here for a week.


  1. Wow, you guys are really burning up the miles!

    Maybe you can sneak some free steaks from that stock yard.

  2. I really like the "cool" soaring eagle sculpture. They were all pretty cool.

    Looks like you're settling in and enjoying SD just fine :)

  3. I guess Tower Campground is one that we have to stay in when we get our residence in SD. Gotta wait till next summer, then we're THERE!

  4. Sure loved seeing you two these last two days. And glad to read what you were up to in the past couple of weeks since we didnt' talk about that at all. :-)
    How did that happen? We were blabbering all the time. Well OK mostly me.

    Windy enough for you tonight?
    Are either of us really going to move on tomorrow in this wind???

  5. Those are nice sculptures. I like a little art it gives a town some character.