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Corn Palace and on to the Badlands of South Dakota

Sunday, 9/18/2011

Interior, SD

As I had mentioned in our last post, we arrived at the R&R Campground in Mitchell, SD, on Thursday.  We had originally planned on only staying two nights. However, the weather on Saturday was chilly, rainy, and windy.  We decided to stay another night for a total of three nights.

Friday we went to the Corn Palace in Mitchell
I remember going there many, many years ago with my parents.  It’s a building in downtown Mitchell with murals made of different colors of corn on the cob and other grains.  This is actually the third Corn Palace.  The previous two buildings are now gone.  Other than the artwork on the outside of the building, there’s not much to look at.  Inside there are numerous photos of previous versions of the artwork on the building.  I found it interesting to look at the photos and see the different themed murals.   Also interesting was seeing the different vehicles parked on the street.  Inside the building is a regulation size basketball court where  more than 150 high school and college games are played each year.  The basketball court area is also used for other activities throughout the year.  This particular weekend was the annual Polka Festival.  NO, we did NOT polka, but we did watch for a while.  This is the first Corn Palace.
And this is the second Corn Palace.
Here are few more photos of the current Corn Palace.
A Mustang and some apple pie…
baseball and a close-up of the corn on the cob,
A mural before the corn is applied and a closer look,
still working on this one and one other view.
Here is some artwork made from corn shucks,
and a photo of a little baby corn…
These two places were down the street,
we didn’t stop at either one.  This area of town has a number of interesting places, but due to the cold, windy weather we didn’t go into any of them.  We rode around town a while and then stopped at Wal-Mart.  The rest of the time we just hung out at the campground.
The campground had a lot of overnighters each night we were there.  There was at least one couple staying there that were polka dancers.  They spent most of their time at the Corn Palace.

Sunday we left for the Badlands.  We stopped on the way at the Missouri River Rest Area on I-90.
  It’s more than just a rest area.  They have an exhibit about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  It was very interesting and worth the stop.  It took us just over four hours to go 210 miles including about an hour stop at the rest area.  We’re settled in at the Cedar Pass Campground in Badlands National Park near Interior, SD.  Here are a couple of first impression photos…
actually, it’s the view out our back window.  More on the Badlands in the next post.


  1. A little beer, a little polka. I could get into it. I like the corn art- cool.

  2. I saw the Corn Palace many years ago too, but we didn't go inside. It's definitely an interesting building. It looks like it was much larger and more opulent back in the 1st and 2nd corn palace days. I wonder how often they replace the corn. Seems like it would get buggy :)

  3. Oh Polka now that sounds like a hoot! Wish I'd been there, I'd have dragged you two along. Although..........come to think of it, polka is not something a broken ankle would like. DARN! Sounds like fun to me even without those great costumes!