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Another weekly update and Mitchell, SD

Thursday, 9/15/2011

Mitchell, SD
This past week went by quickly.  We did a bit of sightseeing, errands, and relaxing.
One of the places we visited was a marker placed at the tri-point where Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota all come together.
This is nothing spectacular, just something that interests me.  The top somewhat red portion is the original marker.  It’s actually sitting in South Dakota.  The actual tri-point is in the middle of the intersection.  This location is out in the middle of the countryside.  Not only is it a spot where three states meet, but it’s a three-way intersection.  After some picture taking we headed west/northwest back toward Sioux Falls and then south back home.  Just another casual, enjoyable ride through the country.
Garretson, SD, was another place we visited.  This little town is located northeast of Sioux Falls.  A city park called Devil’s Gulch
claims to be the spot where the notorious bandit Jesse James jumped his horse over a 15 foot wide chasm to elude a posse.  This is a very deep cut in the quartzite with a creek at the bottom.  There’s also a waterfall upstream from the point of the “jump.”
Also located in Garretson is Split Rock Park.  There’s a small campground with about a dozen 30 amp sites.  There are possibly two or three sites that we could actually use.  It seems like a nice quiet little city park.  Split Rock Creek runs next to the park.

We both liked Garretson.  It was a nice quaint little town.
Later in the week, we made another mail run up to Madison.  We stopped at a local museum on the way up to take a few pictures.
Today was a travel day and we woke up to this,
our first frost of the season.  Oh boy, maybe it’s time to think about heading south!!
This is the RV park sign at night.  Gotta love that neon.
Today we traveled to Mitchell, SD.  We drove about 85 miles, and it took us about two hours including a fuel stop.  We’re staying at the R&R Campground just off I-90. 
So again, more traffic noise.  Except for the traffic noise, this is a nice little Passport America park for a quick stopover.  When we arrived here there weren't many sites occupied.  But by dusk, the park was nearly full with overnighters and weekenders.  Any guesses as to what we have planned here in Mitchell?


  1. Ok how did you get past me? My blog list did not tell me that you posted a WHOLE BUNCH of things all at once. I'm going to have to give him a good scolding! tsk tsk tsk

    You two find the most interersting things that aren't on anyone's map until you tell us. Looks like a nice county park there. Electric I assume?