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Steak 'n Shake, Davenport, IA to Altoona, IA

Wednesday, 8/24/11
Altoona, IA

Tuesday we decided to go out to Steak 'n Shake for dinner.  We "discovered" this fine chain of eating establishments a couple of years ago.  We both really like their Frisco Melt.  However, after looking at the menu I decided I wanted to try the Wisconsin Buttery Steakburger.  It was delicious.  Terri went with her usual, the Frisco Melt, and really enjoyed it too. Of course we couldn't go there and pass up the shakes.  We both ordered the same thing, a vanilla/dark chocolate side-by-side combo.  Boy, were they ever gooood!!
Today we left the campground just after nine.  That's the earliest we've ever departed.  I even stopped and dumped the tanks.  About two and a half hours later we arrived at Griff's Valley View RV Park & Campground near Altoona, just northeast of Des Moines, IA.  It's a nice RV park with paved roads.  Many of the sites have concrete pads to park your rig on.  We have 50 amp full hookups.  There's even a pole for my satellite dish.  The campground office is located at the "feed store" down the road from the park.  The park is conveniently located just outside of Des Moines.
Our site, B2
another view
and another view
the road behind our rig
view out back
After we got all set up and settled in, we headed out to get Terri's birth certificate and to check out a couple of campgrounds.  We went to Terrible's Lakeside Casino Resort RV Park in Osceola, IA.  It looks like it would be okay for a night or two.  Many of the site pads have cracked concrete, but it does look like they're trying to repair/replace some of the damaged areas.  We also stopped in at Winterset City Campground and RV Park in Winterset, IA.  We really liked this little campground. It only has about 34 sites, and they were all full or reserved.  There's a Newmar rally taking place there this week, so it's a good thing we decided not to go there with the rig this time.  However, we'll definitely keep it in mind for a future stop. 

Tomorrow we arrive in South Dakota.  It'll be a long day of travel -- over five hours.
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  1. Wow, you two have really cover some ground in a short time.

    Enjoy South of our favorite places!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  2. Those milkshakes look really yummy! I have never heard of Steak 'n Shake, but when we come across one, I bet we will be checking it out!! :)

    Good luck with your "long" travel day! Isn't it interesting how your perception of possible driving times and distances start changing when you're in rv mode? We noticed the same thing on our way home from TN.

  3. Boy does that look and sound delicious. Burgers, fries and a milk shake just like when I was a teenager. But how does such a little person as Terri stay so little eating yummy food like that???

    Glad to hear things are moving right along for you two. Guess you are driving to S.D. as I type this. Hope you decide to stay a month . :-)

  4. Love that Frisco Melt, too. Terri has good taste.

    Sounds like things are going well now that you've gotten in the swing of traveling.

    Impressed at how early you got on the road, just don't make a habit of it. After all, you are retired. Keep doing that and you'll set the bar high for us hopefully soon full timers! ;c)

  5. We really like steak and shake, very popular in the St. Louis area.

    I'm glad you're out of VA, the earthquake for one thing now the hurricane. It will bring a lot of wind and rain in that area.

    It's going to be so fun following you guys on to SD and traveling from there for a WARM winter. Travel safely,

  6. Looks like a really nice campground. When the trees get bigger it will even be better. We have been in a few Steaks and Shakes as well. Anyplace that sells shakes has to be good!