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Dawson, WV to Frankfort, KY

Frankfort, KY

Well, we left a beautiful place in West Virginia today and headed west almost 300 miles to Frankfort, KY.  We're at Elkhorn Campground on the banks of the Elkhorn Creek.
The roads are paved, and most of the sites are paved too.  We're in what they called a "pull through" paved site, even though we had to drive across a grassy area first.  It's just electric and water, no sewer.  We got the Good Sam rate.  Here's a picture of the rig parked in site #92.
We traveled on the West Virginia Turnpike today.  We've taken this route before so I knew what to expect.  This portion of I64 is hilly, curvy, and rough...and you have to pay to use it!!!  What's really odd is that the condition of the highway is in much better shape before and after the toll portion of the road.  It cost us $4 for the car and $5 for the rig.  I wonder whose pocket our $9 went into?  Apparently not one of the pockets (i.e. potholes) of the turnpike.  Some roads and highways are given nicknames.  How about PATCHES for this one?  One consolation is that the scenery on the way through West Virginia is beautiful.  This is just before crossing into Kentucky.
It's hard to see, but here we are entering Kentucky. (click on the image to enlarge it)

Last night at Summer Wind RV Park we had a neighbor next door from the Richmond area.  They're on their way to Yellowstone and Yosemite.  Funny thing is that they're our neighbors here again tonight.  When we were talking this morning we found out we were both going to the same place today.  Funny how that can happen.
Elkhorn Creek is a scenic looking creek.  It looks like it would be good for canoeing or kayaking. It reminds me of Yellow Creek back in our hometown.
Tomorrow is another travel day.  We're headed to Rantoul, IL.  It's about a 300 mile/5 hour trip.  Should be fun once we get there...
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  1. I think dentists are involved in keeping the WV Turnpike in bad shape. Everytime I ride on it, it's so rough it knocks my fillings loose. ;c)

  2. Hi guys. We stayed at Elkhorn CG last spring. Nice place. Too bad you don't have time to visit the Buffalo Trace distillery while you're there. I hope we get to see you while you're in Lena, IL on Thurs. Cheers! Jim & Dee

  3. Maybe I'll just follow your route and campgrounds back to Virginia
    ......eventually.....Maybe. LOL!!!
    But I am keeping a list just in case.

    Great to see you guys on the road and read about your travels.

  4. We have found that the very worst roads are always the toll roads! What's up with that?

    Travel safely. If you're going to Rantoul, perhaps you'll see Jim & Linda and their new home :)

  5. We stayed at the Elk Horn campground a month or so ago. We spent for days there checking out the capital, distilleries and the historic cemetery.