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Frankfort, KY to Rantoul, IL, Nice visit with Jim and Linda

Rantoul, IL

After stopping at the dump station (my first experience since helping my Dad many years ago) we left Elkhorn Campground about 11:30.  We were on our way to my homestate of Illinois.  Terri and I were looking forward to our next stop in Rantoul, IL.

Our friends, Jim and Linda Smith,
are staying here, and we wanted visit them.  I also wanted to check out this campground.  Jim and Linda stay here often, so I figured it was the type of place we like, and it is.  We also wanted to meet Emrys, their new to them motorhome.  By the way, it's really nice.

We arrived a bit before 5PM.  We got checked in and setup.  Jim and Linda prepared a wonderfully delicious steak dinner with corn on the cob, cantaloupe, tomatoes, green bean casserole, cucumbers, and bread for us, and Terri made her great butterscotch cookie cakes.  After dinner we sat and talked for a while.  I'm embarrassed to say that I started to dose off a bit.  It had been a long day of driving for me.  We thoroughly enjoy spending time with our RV friends.  Thanks Jim and Linda for a great meal and visit!

Here's a picture of our rig at site #3.

Here's Emrys right next door.  Jim talked to Louise, the campground host, before we got there and had the site right next to them saved for us.  Thanks Jim!!

A view of our street...

Another angle of our rig...

and another angle of Emyrs...

the view out our back window... NICE

and a picture of that great Illinois corn.

Tomorrow we head to northwest Illinois.  We have some more RV friends up there that we want to visit... 
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  1. You're making good headway. The weather is wonderful!

  2. See, you're not used to rolling down that long, lonesome highway and you doze off.

    You need to borrow some of Terri's Donny Osmond CDs to keep awake! ;c)

  3. Glad you enjoyed your stay here at Prairie Pines.

    Looking forward to crossing path with both of you again real soon.

    Safe Travels,

    Jim and Linda

  4. Very nice to be able to see fellow dreamers!

  5. Wow, you guys are really covering some ground!!

    Glad you got to see Jim and Linda. Say hi and tell them Emory looks real nice!!

  6. 300 miles in 5 hours for 3 days in a row is enough to make anyone doze off. You two are really making tracks.

    I'm behind in my blog reading. But I finally found the campground in yellowstone where my air card will work so for a few days I keep caught up with you too.