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Scott County Park, Eldridge, IA

Thursday, 8/8/2013

Scott County Park, Bald Eagle Campground

Eldridge, IA

After an overnight recovery from our very long travel day to Hickory Hollow, we pulled out on Friday, 8/2, and headed west to Bald Eagle Campground in Scott County Park near Eldridge, IA.  It’s located about nine miles north of Davenport.

It was a comfortable, more typical travel day for us.  We drove 103 miles in 2 hours, including a fuel stop.  Because it was Friday AND Scott County does not take reservations, we got another early start at 8:30!  I was counting on our early arrival to get a site at this very popular campground.  At any of Scott County’s campgrounds, you drive in, pick an empty site, and then register and pay.  I had familiarized myself with Bald Eagle Campground using Google Maps and Bing Maps and knew the layout ahead of time.  Upon our arrival we found just three sites available, and two of them were handicap accessible sites.  Luckily the one non-handicap accessible site available was definitely to our liking, and we snatched it right up.  Site #337 is a back-in site with FULL HOOKUPS (rare for a county park) for $21/night.  All the roads and sites are paved with a double wide area at each site for an extra vehicle.
DSCN2350  DSCN2349
DSCN2352      DSCN2351

Happily, I was able to get the satellite dish set up.  Also, we could get ABC, CBS, NBC, and others with the antenna.

Scott County Park is the largest park in the county with twelve picnic areas and five campgrounds!  Our campground has a playground and a restroom/shower house.
DSCN2356      DSCN2357

There’s also an Olympic size heated swimming pool within the park.

Our campground was full over the weekend, but only about 25% full during the week.
DSCN2360      DSCN2362

This is a very nice park, and we’ve enjoyed our weeklong stay here.  We’ll definitely be back!

This past week we were able to meet up with some friends we met last year during our stay near Troy, AL.

Robert and Becky volunteered in Hawaii for three months earlier this year.  The four of us enjoyed a delicious lunch at Monterrey Mexican Restaurant.  It was great seeing them again.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading up to northwestern Illinois where we both grew up.  We’ll be in the area for about three weeks visiting friends and family.


  1. There are miracles out there, county campgrounds with FHUs!!! You scored on that one. :c)

  2. Awesome county park!

    OK, now let's talk about Robert and Becky and how they volunteered in Hawaii! Unless their RV floats, they flew, so what did they volunteer for? Did they rent an RV? Inquiring minds want to know :) We've been but sure would like to fill in that state on our RVing map!

    1. Yep, they flew. They volunteered with a Christian based group and housing was provided. They left their motorhome in Florida. We'd love to add Hawaii to our RVing map too but haven't found the bridge yet. :-)

  3. Wow you found a winner there. How did you discover it? Nice get on the only site available. Well done!! Love Gail's comment. I don't even know Robert and Becky but that's a great picture of them. Please remove that header picture right away. It makes my mouth water every time I bring up your blog.

  4. WOW...that is a nice looking county park!! That sounds like a more reasonable travel day;o)) We really enjoyed the rolling hills of IOWA during our travels!!

  5. Wow, you guys scored with that park! There should be a website that has all the great state parks on one page :)

  6. I enjoy following your blog and wanted to say thank you for joining my blog.

  7. Great find, originally from Iowa but did not know about this park.