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Hometown Visit (Part 3)


Wednesday, 8/28/2013

Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park

Lena, Illinois

Our main reason for our stay here in northwest Illinois was to visit with some friends and family.

As I mentioned previously, we spent some time with Terri’s brother Tracy.  We usually only get to see him once a year now when we’re in the area.  The three of us were able to go to breakfast together three times this year!  It was great to be able to spend some time with him.

We also went out for lunch a couple of times with our friends Dick and Emily and a third time just with Emily before she went to volunteer at a local used book store.

Terri and Emily became friends years ago when they both worked at a local bank and have remained friends throughout the years.

After seeing my “second parents,” Bob and Ginny, at Freeport Cruise Night I gave my longtime friend Frank (Bob and Ginny’s son) a call.  He came out one evening, and we we had a great time reminiscing and catching up on each other’s lives.  As I mentioned previously, we were best buddies growing up, and he was the Best Man in our wedding.
DSCN2656      DSCN2658

I think it had been at least twenty years since we’ve seen each other.  We really enjoyed our evening together and look forward to seeing him again next year.

Each year Terri and I get together with some of her former coworkers from the bank for breakfast.  Unfortunately this year our friend Betty couldn’t make it due to an unexpected hospital stay, but on the plus side Roberta’s husband, Ron, was able to join us.  It had been many years since we had seen Ron, so it was nice to see him again.
From left to right is Dottie, Terri, Roberta, and Ron.

It’s always a joy to get together with them and find out what they’re up to. 

Recently I saw on Facebook that some friends of ours were passing through the area, so I contacted them and we were able to set up a time to visit.  Howard and Linda were staying a couple of nights over near Rockford, IL, at Blackhawk Valley Campground.  The last time we saw them was right after Terri had broken her arm last year at Buckhorn Lake Resort, near Kerrville, TX.  It was their website, and all of its wonderful information, that helped us to discover this lifestyle and realize we could do it.

We drove over to their campsite and visited for a couple of hours.  We certainly enjoyed seeing them and look forward to seeing them again sometime down the road.

Another reunion for us was a short trip up to Fort Atkinson, WI, to see some family.  Terri and I met some of my cousins on my Father’s side of the family for the Friday Fish Fry dinner at The Fireside restaurant.

I hadn’t seen my cousins Jo and Jan for 9 years and my cousin Jerry for over 30 years! 
Jo, Jerry and wife Sandy, Mike, Jan and husband Chris.

We had a wonderful dinner and certainly enjoyed seeing all of them again.

We sure have had a great time with friends and family during our stay here in northwest Illinois!


  1. It's always wonderful to catch up with family that you haven't seen in years. It almost makes it seem like all those years just disappear. Glad you had such a nice summer. I imagine you'll be heading back south shortly. It might be getting chilly up there real soon :)

  2. Isn't it the wonderful part of this life to be able to visit old friends and family? Great picture of Howard & Linda! We're looking forward to seeing them at the rally, and you guys (and P&M!) in a few weeks :)

  3. That is a terrific picture of Howard and Linda. Amazing that you were able to reconnect with people you hadn't seen in 20 and 30 years. What fun! When we go back to our former home town we love to get together with old friends. But we seem to spend most of our time at dentists and doctors and having our eyes checked and on and on and on. I like your plan better.

  4. Wow...sure is nice that you got to do so much catching up;o)) That's sure one of the benefits of this life style...being able to go to places that are important to you!!

  5. So very nice to see old friends, or friends from old times. This lifestyles sure gives you the time to reconnect, it's another wonderful benefit if fulltiming.

    The downside for us is when we reconnect with old friends, there is always weight gain because the meet ups seem to take place in great restaurants. ;c)