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Visits with Friends


Wednesday, 4/3/2013

J. Strom Thurmond Lake Volunteer Village

Modoc, SC



About three weeks ago we had a couple of nice visits with some wonderful RV friends.

Paul and Marti are currently anchored in Columbia, SC, for some medical appointments.  So on Wednesday, 3/13, we met in Batesburg-Leesville, SC, for lunch at a place called Wiz’s Eatery.
DSCN7468      DSCN7470

We hadn’t seen them since Christmas Day, so we enjoyed a tasty lunch buffet and spent a couple of hours talking, laughing, and having a good time.  We always have a lot of fun together and look forward to spending some time with them again VERY soon!

In fact, we hope to take advantage of their close proximity and see them a few more times before they start rolling down the road again.

The following day John and Ginny, on their way north from Florida, arrived at Petersburg COE Campground for the weekend.  As luck would have it, we had a task to complete at Petersburg just after they had arrived, so we stopped in for a few minutes to welcome them to our “neck of the woods.”

Friday afternoon the four of us went to a local RV and Boat Show in Augusta.  We walked through the small sampling of RV units and also checked out the pontoon boats.  Here are Ginny and Terri enjoying the warm afternoon sun while sitting atop one of the boats.

The sun was very bright, so they both had on their “movie star” sunglasses!  Open-mouthed smile  After the RV Show we stopped at Chili’s for a late afternoon meal.  The food was delicious.

We hadn’t seen John and Ginny since the Carolina Clan Gathering back in November, so we had quite a bit of catching up to do.  After dinner we drove out to the Volunteer Village to show them where we’re staying, and then back to their site at Petersburg Campground just in time for a beautiful sunset.

Saturday afternoon they drove out to our site for some snacks, drinks, and more visiting.  As the afternoon wore on, the wind picked up and it turned a bit chilly.

The “movie stars” donned their hoods to try and stay warm!  Smile  We had a great time together, and we look forward to catching up with each other again this Fall, if not before.

It’s always so nice to see our RV friends!  One of the wonderful things about this lifestyle is all the great friends we’ve made along the way, and knowing that our paths will most likely cross again someday.

See ya soon!!!


  1. Always nice to meet with RV friends, that even includes Paul:))

  2. Glad to see you meeting up with so many Dreamers;o)) Love the sunset photo!!

  3. That Paul always has a reason not to wash my rig for me! ;)

  4. How do I get myself in so much trouble?

    We always look forward to meeting up with you, it's not just about the food! ;c)

  5. RV Dreamers sure love to eat! Very cool that you were able to meet up with both couples. I hope we'll all be together in SC soon!

  6. You guys will never convince me it's not about the food but how come I can never get in on it?? Looks like fun times.

  7. When we left Florida, our family worried because we didn't have family or friends out West. It's amazing how many friends we've made since starting our life on the road a year ago. Instead of collecting souvenirs during our travels I've decided to collect friendships! Love the sunset! Glad you are enjoying the volunteering.

  8. Ain't it the truth???? The friendships are the best part!
    I LOVE the movie star glasses :)

  9. Set my mind at ease and tell me we're not going to have gnat problems at J. Strom Thurmond Lake ... we're going to be at the military resort in that area this summer!

    1. Knock on wood, so far we haven't had any issues with any types of bugs. We don't know what the summer will bring, but we're hoping our luck will continue.