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T-Time: Turkey Hunting

Thursday 11/22/2012

Bass Lake RV Campground

Dillon, SC

I love Thanksgiving.
Hugging Turkey
It’s the quiet, peaceful holiday preceding all the craziness and chaos of the impending Christmas rush.  It’s the holiday when we give thanks for our many blessings.  The holiday set aside to simply enjoy time spent with family and friends, indulge in waaaaay too much gluttony, and then waddle off to the recliner for a little snooze.

Thanksgiving dinner was especially tasty today, perhaps because we had to “hunt” for our turkey this year.
Last week in preparation of our feast, we pawed through the Butterball turkeys at Wal-Mart in pursuit of our bird.  A full-size turkey is way too much for the two of us.  We’ve always opted instead for a three-pound turkey roast.
That’s just the right size.  Wal-Mart offered a plethora of poultry to choose from, but we searched and searched and could only find turkey breasts – no turkey ROASTS with both white and dark meat.  No problem.  Thanksgiving was still a week away, so the next time we were out we’d check the local Food Lion.  Surely they’d have one.
Three days later after A LOT of rain and desperately needing to get out of the RV, we set out again on our quest.  Food Lion here we come. . . and Food Lion there we go!  Strike two!  Their peck of poultry also consisted of full-size turkeys and turkey breasts.  Hmmm.  This was becoming more difficult than usual.  Save A Lot was right across the street, so we bounced over there to scope out their inventory.  Well, that didn’t take long – all they had were full-size turkeys.  Now Dillon is a pretty small town, and we had quickly run out of grocery stores to scour.  Normally we would’ve given up, but it was a beautiful day following three days of rain, and we were still suffering from cabin fever.  After checking the GPS Mike located an IGA seven miles south in the town of Latta, so off we went.
Chasing Baked Turkey
Nope.  Negatory.  IGA’s only offering consisted of a few full-size turkeys.  By this time we reluctantly decided it was time to throw in the towel and relinquish the hunt.  Defeated, we returned to the Wal-Mart in Dillon, picked out a turkey breast in settlement, and turned to head up to one of the cashiers.  But wait!  Ever tenacious and still not quite willing to give up, Mike delved back into the freezer one last time to rummage. . . and forage. . .  and dig. . . until at last he spotted not one, but TWO turkey roasts!!
Dancing turkey emoticon      Dancing turkey emoticon
Triumphantly my hero placed both birds in the shopping cart – one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas – and we victoriously swaggered off to pay for our bounty, thus finally ending our turkey hunt.

We've had a lovely day, and we hope that you have too.  We count our many blessings on this and every day and give thanks for – just to name a few – our family and friends, our health, and our armed forces, both past and present, that have sacrificed so much to secure the freedom we so richly enjoy in this wonderful country.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



  1. Mike - the Big Game Hunter! Just goes to show no good turkey roast gets away from him!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both! We're thankful to have friends like you, turkey roast or no turkey roast. ;c)

  2. Fun post big hunters! Gobble, gobble. :)

  3. GREAT post Terri!! You tell a FINE story! Love those great graphics. Mike the hero! Few things better than a successful hunt. You are all set now that's for sure.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  4. That is the old fashion way to celebrate-hunting for your dinner:)

  5. Good for you to persevere and not settle for something else! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Wonder if the Pilgrims had that much trouble finding their turkey;o)) Cute story... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. Glad to hear your hunting expedition went well. Hope you both had a great day.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. What a great post! Mike, the great hunter :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Thank you for your nice post on our blog. I have followed yours for the past year or so and I have not only enjoyed it but learned from it. We were going to upgrade the fifth wheel we have now to a larger one for full-timing but some health issues forced us to change our minds about a year ago. The MH is much easier for DH to set up. I hope our paths cross one day so we can meet in person. We wish you safe travels.