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T-Time: Let’s take a walk


Tuesday 6/19/2012

Hastings Campground

Hastings, NE

Boy, is it hot here!
How hot is it?
It’s SO hot that the bees are even taking off their yellow jackets!
Open-mouthed smile Rolling on the floor laughing Open-mouthed smile Rolling on the floor laughing Open-mouthed smile
bumble bee3
It got up to 95 yesterday, 95 is predicted again today, and there are many more 90 plus days predicted within the next ten days! One of the things we’ve noticed, however, is that they have a LOT of very windy days here, which can actually be a good thing when the temperatures start soaring.

My physical therapy continues to go well, and I’m slowly regaining mobility and range of motion in my shoulder, wrist, and fingers. What an ordeal this has been! I just hope it doesn’t scare me away from ever getting back on my bicycle again. Prior to my cast removal, the doctor wanted me to keep my shoulder as quiet as possible, which meant I couldn’t even take a walk. During that time we only had the truck for transportation, so I was also reluctant to take too many bumpy rides. As a result, I did a whole lot of nothin’ for six weeks, and now that I can be active again, I’ve quickly discovered how much my stamina has diminished. To regain it, we’ve been taking daily walks at Hastings Lake Park.  This is one of the many parks that Hastings has to offer and is less than five minutes away from the campground. Our walk yesterday occurred after my P/T appointment. Whew! The temps were pretty hot by then, so after our walk and a grocery run, we rewarded ourselves with a DQ blizzard. Yum!
Mike had the Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard…
and I had the Turtle Brownie Blizzard, which is the Blizzard of the Month.
Obviously I had a few (okay-many) bites before Mike could take the picture! Open-mouthed smile

With the predicted high of 95 today, we decided it would be best to get our walk in early, so by 7:50 AM we were out on the park’s bike trail. Hastings Lake Park is really a lovely park.
The grounds are well manicured.
There are lots of shade trees. (We often set up our lawn chairs under one of these trees to read a book or just enjoy the lake view.  Or in Mike's case, take a snooze!)
The paved bike trail is nice and wide for bicycling, walking, and jogging.
There’s a lake for boating, fishing, and swimming.
Benches for relaxing and reflecting.
A volleyball court.
Disc golf.
Picnic tables.
A picnic shelter.
And, of course, a playground for the youngins.
There were a few people out enjoying the bike trail with us this morning. Among them was a spry, energetic couple that was easily in their 70’s. I’m just glad we were walking in opposite directions. I didn’t need the humiliation of having them pass us. Sad smile
We came upon this gaggle of geese,
but the closer we approached, the more they decided it was time to waddle into the lake for a dip.
Ooops -- they left a few “road hazards.”  Watch your step! Disappointed smile
It was a lovely walk, and we were especially glad to get it in before the heat set in. We’ll be back again tomorrow.


  1. Glad the shoulder is doing so much better.

  2. Beautiful park! How nice to have it so close. Too bad the temps aren't accommodating so you wouldn't have to go out there so early :) Not to make you feel bad but it's 77 today in Hermosa SD :) Yeah! It won't last but I'm really, really enjoying it while it's here.

    We had the Turtle Brownie Blizzard last week. It was yummy! Hmmm, might have to go find the DQ here :)

    Tell Mike we're sorry to have missed Carhenge but it was just too hot yesterday :)

    Congrats on a fine rehab job! Sounds like you'll be back to normal very soon.

    1. 77 degrees -- sigh! Enjoy it for me! :-)

  3. SO glad to hear from you Terri and especially to hear you are doing well. That does look like a great park. 91 here so I feel your pain. I have to run at 6:30 in the morning and even then I'm just slogging along. Don't think we can get out of here before the heat starts to leave too. HOpe that isn't the case for you guys.

  4. It's great to hear the shoulder is coming along so well.

    I can't wait to duplicate what you did along with the blizzard. We'll keep you company for a few days to see what you see and do. I'm not sure about 7:50am, that's quite early, but would still like to do the walk.

    See you soon.

  5. Glad to hear your PT has been working well for you, as evidenced by how fast you ate that DQ ice cream. :c)

    Enjoy those early morning walks, they are just what you need, even with all the goose "land mines" about.

  6. So good to hear that you are truly on the mend. Keep up the good work building your stamina and strength. It is amazing how quickly it disappears and how much work it takes to regain it;o))

    Well, DQ Blizzards seem to be the big things in this hot weather!!!

  7. Terri! Nice to hear from you. That park looks so nice. Yum...DQ...perfect!

  8. Great to hear that your shoulder is healing well. Keep up that PT and you will be back on the road in no time!