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Junction Motor Speedway, Carriage, and “Goose Golf”

Thursday 6/21/2012

Hastings Campground

Hastings, NE

Fair warning… this first part is another racetrack report.  Skip it if you’d like.  I’m including this to help me remember when and what tracks I’ve visited as it seems I have no memory.Disappointed smile

This past Saturday, the 16th, I headed east about 50 miles to the Junction Motor Speedway.
This is a newer track located just west of McCool Junction, NE.  It’s a 3/8 mile dirt track.
After I arrived and found a place to park, I called Terri to let her know I’d made it there safely.  While we were talking, a track worker pulled up and got out of his truck.  He was headed my way, so I quickly ended my phone call.  I thought maybe he was going to tell me to park someplace else.  Instead, he handed me a complimentary admission ticket for the races.
What a sweet deal!!!  I gladly accepted it and thanked him.  What a great way to start the night.  I went on in and enjoyed an evening of great racing consisting of a weekly show of late models, A modifieds, B modifieds, hobby stocks, and 4 cylinder classes.  They started the show promptly on time at 7PM, and it was over by about 10PM.  The track, the seating, and the lighting were all excellent.  I didn’t try any of the food, maybe next time.  Thanks Junction Motor Speedway for a great night of family entertainment!

Today was an interesting day at the campground.  Another Excel fifth wheel pulled in making a total of three Excels here in the park.  Then the Carriage fifth wheels started rolling in!  So far six have gotten here, and apparently one more is expected today.  Some of them are Cameos, and some are Carri-Lights.  I know of at least one more Cameo that’s expected to tumble in on Saturday! SmileSmileSmile

The other day when Terri and I were walking at Hastings Lake Park it looked like some characters were trying to play disc golf.
Here’s the “goose gallery” at the tee.
And here’s the “goose gallery” at the goal.
This family became bored and decided to take a dip.
This group thought that…
this last shot was rather “fowl.”
Enough of all that “crap.”

This coming week should be fun.  We have some friends stopping in for a visit.  Can anyone guess who?  I left a hint earlier in this post!
Winking smileSmileWinking smile


  1. Have a great time with Jim and Dee! Don't get into too much trouble :)

  2. Haha, Gail gave it away. Best part of RV'ng across the country..there are friends everywhere!

  3. You're a clever one, Mike! :) Maybe we can have a combined Excel/Carriage rally while we're there. See you guys tomorrow. Can's wait!

  4. I have to say, your attempt at humor really stinks and is a waste of time. I'd complain more but I'm all pooped out. ;c)

  5. Free admission to the race, what a score! Goose Golf, very funny :)
    Say hello to Jim and Dee for us. Hope you all have a fun time.

  6. Can't wait to see what you 4 get in to while you are together.

  7. Sounds like a good time is ahead for everyone!