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T-Time: Thanks and an Update

Friday 4/27/2012

Hastings Campground

Hastings, NE

Thanks everyone for your comments, e-mails, and phone calls. Mike and I, both, really appreciate your concern and support.

My wrist seems to be mending well, but my shoulder has been the main concern.  We met with an orthopedic surgeon in Kerrville last Friday, and after X-rays he recommended surgery on my shoulder. Our health care plan network of doctors doesn’t extend down into Texas, so Friday afternoon I made an appointment for this past Monday with an orthopedic surgeon in Hastings, Nebraska. (I’ll let Mike catch you up on our aggressive trip to Nebraska this past weekend.) After more X-rays and a CT scan, the orthopedic surgeon in Hastings advised against surgery. It appears that with or without surgery, I’ll always have some stiffness in my shoulder, and this orthopedist doesn’t feel that surgery will warrant that much of a difference. So we’ve decided against surgery. The cast I’m in right now which extends over my elbow will be replaced next week with one that only extends half way up my forearm, and physical therapy will hopefully begin a few weeks after that.

Coping with only one hand – my left hand, and I’m right-handed – has posed its challenges, but I’m blessed to have a husband that has willingly, patiently, and tirelessly jumped in to take care of me as well as all of the household chores. His birthday was last Saturday, and how did he get to spend it? Doing ALL of the packing up to leave Kerrville, driving 442 miles to Oklahoma, and doing ALL of the setup once we got there. (Happy Birthday honey. Sad smile)   Saturday may have been Mike’s birthday, but Mike has always been MY gift.

So it looks like we’ll be hangin’ out here in Nebraska for a little while.  Stay tuned!


  1. So glad to see your post! I was just about to email you for an update :)
    Glad to hear things are going ok.
    Hope you guys can find some excitement in Hastings :)

  2. Thanks for the update...been wondering how things are going.

    I broke my should (actually upper arm) in 4 places and it did take time and lots of PT to get it back to working order. That was several years ago. I will always have limited range of motion and some pain. I asked about a shoulder replacement and my surgeon does not recommend any shoulder surgery unless the pain is unmanageable. He said the shoulder is the most complicated joint and a very difficult surgery site. The PT helped a great deal. I still have to do all the exercises regularly or the shoulder stiffens right up. Good luck and hope you get most of your range of motion back!!!

  3. Glad to see you are on the mend and Mike is spoiling you rotten. Just amazing how a little tumble can cause so much pain ang trouble.

    Hope you're having a great time at the Rally. We wish we could have been there. We are looking forward to our next in person visit with you both. We miss our great times together. We are leaving NJ on May 7 for Sioux Falls and have to be down in SC by 21 May. When and where are you going to be in SD? Maybe we can cross paths.

  4. Glad to see your post. Hope things are getting better by now. Breaking things is a real pain in lots of ways. You are now a member of the "I broke it will it ever be right again club" (IBIWIEBRA). CONGRATULATIONS!! Charter members are you and I and Nancy Mills. Others who qualify will apply for membership in this great organization I'm sure.

    SO sorry you missed the rally, I was really hoping for daily updates from you guys. But as we know all too well. Life gets in the way of our plans.

    How long will you be stuck in Nebraska?

  5. Glad to hear from you as well. I'm sure you were disappointed to miss the rally too. Hope that where you are is a close second :)

  6. Bummer that you had to miss the rally. Hope your recovery goes well. Take care!

  7. Thank goodness no surgery, hope that shoulder heals up well. Glad Mikes there to take the raines, he's a good man.