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Fredericksburg, Boerne, and the Gypsy Turtles

Thursday 4/12/2012

Buckhorn Lake Resort

Kerrville, TX

Monday was mostly a day of relaxation.  We did make a run to the Post Office and Walmart in the afternoon, but otherwise we just relaxed.Open-mouthed smile

Tuesday, we ventured up to Fredericksburg for some sightseeing.  We traveled through there on our way to Kerrville last week, and we both knew we wanted to spend more time there.  First stop was the visitor center.
Then we headed over to Main Street.  There are several blocks of shops and restaurants.  We walked along Main Street
and browsed through some of the shops.  Of course, we didn’t buy anything.  Many of the restaurants had menus posted.  We checked them out to see if we wanted to come back sometime to try the cuisine.  We did find a couple of places that may get a future visit.  Many of the stores had amusing things for sale.
A highlight of the day was this store, the Lone Star Candy Bar.
They had all kinds of tasty temptations,
including homemade fudge, chocolate dipped jalapeños, and this.
That’s right, twenty-one different colors of M&M’s!!!  Some of the colors included pink, gold, silver, black, and white.  Also, included were aqua green, teal green, dark green, dark blue, light purple, and maroon.  Believe it or not, we DID NOT get anything from this store.  It was hard to just walk away, but we did it!!! Crying faceBroken heart  There’s a lot of stuff to see in the Fredericksburg area.  We’ll have to go back at least one more day, possibly two.

Wednesday we travelled to Boerne (pronounced Bernie) for lunch with our friends Rick and Gail, the Gypsy Turtles.
We first met them at the RV-Dreams Rally in SC in 2010.  Then in 2011 we saw them again at the RV-Dreams Rally in TN.  A month later we spent an afternoon visiting them at a campground in Louisa, VA.  Finally, our paths have crossed again and we were able to have lunch and spend the afternoon together.  We ate at The Dodging Duck Brewhaus on River Road.
There’s an outdoor dining area that we took advantage of.
The food was very good, and I finally remembered to take pictures.  Gail had a turkey, bacon, avocado hoagie and a house salad.
Rick had chicken tortilla soup and the Hamberry Panini  which had ham, raspberry-chipotle sauce, cheddar, Swiss cheese, and bacon.
Terri had a house salad and  the Three Cheese Panini which had tomatoes and cheddar, Swiss, and provolone cheeses.
I had the sausage plate which had one bratwurst, one knackwurst, COLD sauerkraut, sharp cheddar cheese, and a very HOT pretzel.
We all had beer, and I opted for the DARK beer.  It was very dark compared to Terri’s beer.
We sat and talked for quite a while, and then decided to move downtown and check out some of the shops.  We found the small city park and sat for quite a while just talking and having a real nice afternoon.  We ended our time together with some ice cream at the Boerne Grill.  It was so nice seeing Rick and Gail again.

Today, Thursday, we just took it easy and relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful Texas Hill Country weather.


  1. You did the same thing we did today! :)

    Thanks for a great day. We'll be in touch before we leave.

  2. Great seeing two accounts of this visit. You 4 are getting to be a real 4some with 4 visits together already. I'm all 4 folks having fun - just wish I were there too!

  3. Sounds like a great day. That food looks great! Putting the whole area on my list for sure. M&M's...our favorite chocolate snack.

  4. Great time with great folks! It would be hard for us to walk away from the MMs too.

  5. Candy Store??? You are cruel, now we have to drive (and drive and drive and drive) back to Texas. Somebody in our MH has a sweet tooth (and it ain't me).

  6. Love those Texas towns and the unique stores.

  7. You guys have a lot of willpower to walk out of that candy store with nothing! I'm thinking I may need to go grab the last of my easter candy right now just looking at those pics!!