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Tuesday, 7/5/11: Holiday Weekend with friends

Paul and Marti with Tag
They're back!!  Our good friends Paul and Marti (and Tag) made a return visit this past weekend.  We had a wonderful time with great food, great talk, and great fun together.  Terri and I are proud to announce that we're now Tag's godparents. Saturday night, after we went out to eat at a local restaurant in Mechanicsville,
we had a real nice campfire and roasted marshmallows.  Paul and Marti brought along some real marshmallows, so the Peeps were spared this time!

Terri and I are so glad they were able to come down this weekend.  Now that our house is sold, we'll be leaving soon, and it may be a while before we see them again.
Paul and Marti's rig

Of course this was a holiday weekend, and how nice that the 4th of July fell on a Monday this year, providing a nice three day weekend.  We hope that all of you had a truly wonderful, safe, and Happy Independence Day!

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  1. A nice long weekend spent with good doesn't get any better than that!

  2. Always nice t spend holidays with friends. Nice part about this life style, your always meeting new people an making new friends. Happy 4th!!!

  3. Congratulations on selling the house. We are so happy for you.

    We have the RV (in our yard at the present time) and the truck. Broke the truck in with our drive to Canada in June. Eager to get on the road, but have to take a written test and driving test. Maryland always has something unique. Since the truck and RV weigh more than 26,000 lbs, they require an additional license. We are determined to be ready for the Fall Rally in PA. Take care.
    John and Ginny Moyer