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T-Time: Enjoying Life's Simple Pleasures (7/21/11)

As we finish tying up a few things here in Virginia and don't have a whole lot to report, I thought I'd share a few of life's simple pleasures that I've enjoyed and observed recently.

When we first started staying at this campground back in March, an additional laundry/shower house was in the process of being built which just happens to be located not far from the back of our 5th wheel.  At the time it wasn't a big deal for us.  The campground has full hook-ups so showers aren't a problem, and since we hadn't sold our house yet, I just did the laundry when we went over to the house.  However, now that we don't have the use of that washer and dryer anymore, and we're still weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a unit for the rig, anticipating the grand opening of the new laundry suddenly became a daily occurrence of mine.  Now mind you, there's nothing wrong with the old laundry, and it only takes a matter of two minutes to drive up to the front of the campground to get there.  But come on!  The new one is right behind our rig!  And we all like our little conveniences, don't we?  :-)

Well, the big day finally arrived on Friday.

The last picture is taken from the laundry and shows me walking back to our rig, which is the second one from the left.  Convenience:  just one of life's simple pleasures.

Another one of life's simple pleasures is spending time with dear friends.  As we get ready to make our departure, we've been catching up with friends in the area that we won't see for a while.  My friend, Sheri, is a former co-worker, and we've been friends for over 20 years.  We share some common interests, and have had a lot of good laughs over the years.  Her friendship is one of the things I used to love about my job, and I really miss seeing her on a daily basis.
Sheri and Terri
Will and Vicki have also been good friends of ours for over 20 years.  We first met when Vicki and I worked together and discovered that we lived in the same apartment complex.  We've been friends ever since.  They helped us move twice, we helped them move twice, and we've had a lot of fun together over the years.
Will and Vicki
All of these wonderful friends have been there for us in good times and bad.  It was hard saying goodbye to them, but we know it's not forever.  We'll continue to stay in touch and see them whenever we're back in the area.

Here are a couple more of life's simple pleasures:

Fresh Hanover tomatoes from the local produce stand.  Mmmmm good!

A nice lazy afternoon nap. 

I hope you're enjoying some of life's simple pleasures too.


  1. Don't enjoy that laundry too much or you'll never get on the road! ;c)

    Maybe you should can a bunch of those Hanover tomatoes to take with you, now that you have so much free time with the new laundry being so close...

  2. We (well I-David not so much) enjoyed a float in the Great Salt Lake today. Being in the water of lakes oceans and rivers is one of my life's simple pleasures. Great Blog today! When's departure date??

  3. Glad you posted an has been awhile :)
    Love the new hairdo!
    I think the best simple pleasure is just having the ability to do nothing if you should so desire. This is a very freeing, relaxing lifestyle :)

  4. Simple pleasures are the best. I bet your feelings are mixed about leaving your own backyard. Happy trails!

  5. Morning solitude with a few cups of coffee, while Maxine sleeps,watching the sun come up and the campground come alive. Simple everyday pleasure for me.

  6. Simple pleasures are great to enjoy no matter if you are on the road yet or not. Bull frogs croaking, mocking birds signing, a gentle breeze blowing all enjoyed in our back yard.

  7. Glad to see you are almost ready to hit the road....won't be long now. We are also trying to decide if a washer/dryer would be a good idea or not, we'll just keep mulling it over for a while....decisons

  8. I'm so glad the laundry place is done before you left.

    If you start out now we may meet you in the middle. We're going to Southern MT on Tues, then headed to IA and East. You'll be coming west. Let us know when you get this way.

    No more MOWING!!

  9. I really, really, REALLY like our washer/dryer machine. I have to do laundry a little more frequently, since it's a smaller drum, but it's so totally worth it to me to not have to go anywhere to do it! On the other hand, if we *didn't* have the washer/dryer, I'd have more room to store my growing fabric collection. Hmmm.... :)