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Sunday, 6/26/11: Campfires, Peeps, Wonderful weekend with friends

We've had a few campfires recently in the evenings.  We often like to roast marshmallows.  Unfortunately we had run out of them, so I suggested to Terri that maybe we could roast a marshmallow Peep.  I decided I'd pass on it, but Terri tried it.  She said it was okay, but regular marshmallows are better.  And, I'm sorry to report that we did have one "casualty" as one of the Peeps fell into the fire and burned up.

Roasting a Peep

A closer look at that Peep

UMMMM, good Peep
Cherry Pie
Last weekend was spent with our friends Paul and Marti.  They drove down in their Journey motor home, arriving late Friday afternoon.  We went out for dinner to a local Mexican restaurant.  Afterward, we came back to our place and spent the evening together talking about our fulltime future and the trials and tribulations of getting there.  Later, we all enjoyed a piece of cherry pie, Paul's favorite, that Terri had baked earlier in the day. 

Saturday, Paul and Marti spent much of the day organizing and putting stuff away in their motorhome.  I went over to our storage unit and worked over there for a while sorting and 
Marti, Tag, and Paul
organizing.  Later, they came over to our place for an excellent spaghetti dinner that Terri had prepared.  Terri and I also set up a small salad bar, and I think we all could have just had that for dinner.  For desert, Paul and Marti brought a delicious fruit tart from Wegmans.  It was a shortbread shell covered with smooth vanilla cream topped with a lot of fruit including blueberries, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, and black berries  Boy was that ever gooooood!!

Sunday morning we had Paul and Marti over for a pancake brunch.  I fixed sausage, bacon, and pancakes.  Everyone must have enjoyed it because there wasn't anything left.  Later Terri and I went over to their place for a mid-afternoon meal.  We had delicious chicken kabobs, macaroni salad, potato salad, and chips.  For desert, Paul had some more cherry pie and Terri, Marti, and I had icecream.  Unfortunately, the weekend went very quickly and they had to head back home.  We all really enjoy spending time time together, and we look forward to seeing them again real soon.

Bye, Bye Paul and Marti, see ya soon...


  1. I hope your next blog entry will be a big one with great news. Good luck. We're thinking of you guys.

  2. You got it! We'll be back soon and will bring a backup bag of marshmallows... ;c)

  3. With all those wonderful pies and bars Terry bakes, how are you two so thin??? I'm so jealous! :)

    The campfires look very relaxing but the roasted peeps didn't look too appetizing :) Poor things :)

  4. Sounds like a great week-end full of wonderful food. Just the kind of gathering I like best. You guys weren't doing that kind of fun stuff when I was back in Virginia. Time for you both to get out of there and bring the fun out here where I am.

  5. Yes, weekends are very short. Try coconut marshmallows at your next campfire. We get them at WalMart.

  6. Peep killer!! :) You two couples are having way too much fun!

  7. What a great weekend! Nothing better than good friends, good food and little burnt peeps.