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Monday, 6/6/2011: Pearl Anniversary

Thirty years ago today Terri and I were married.  I married the love of my life.  I'm truly blessed to have found her and to have her as my wife.  She is a positive, patient, caring, loving, beautiful, truly wonderful woman.  She gracefully tolerates me and puts up with all of my crap, well most of it anyway.  She keeps me on track and focused.  And, she is the best pie and cookie baker I know.  Thank you, to the one that I love, for thirty wonderful years!!!

Here are some really "old" pictures.  The quality may not be too good as I took digital photos of our wedding pictures to share with all of you.  Click to enlarge and enjoy and have a few laughs...

And now, lets get on with the next 30 !!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! :) Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  2. Congrats on you milestone anniversary! Hope you've got something very special planned.

    Great pictures! You bride is lovely and remains so today, loved your HAIR!

    Best wishes to you both on this special day! :c)

  3. Lol great pictures! Happy ' first' .30 years :-)

  4. Happy happy anniversary!! 30 years is a LONG time. Good for you two still so happy together! Congratulations.

    Terry you look just as beautiful today as then. Loved those pictures. And Mike, other than those great old glasses, you haven't changed either.

    You two must have been 17 when you got married is all I can think to still look so young.

    Hugs to you both,

  5. Styles may come and go but true love is ever-lasting.

  6. Loved the pictures! Hope your second 30 years will be as wonderful as the first! Congratulations!