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Friday, 12/31/10: Last day... of the work week, month, year, and job! Happy New Year!!!!!!

Well Friday, New Years Eve, is done and over.  What a day!!  The title above sums it all up.  A whole new lifestyle begins.  Friday was my last day at work, almost.  Thursday was Terri's last day at work, although Friday was a paid holiday for her, so technically Friday was her last day also.  I say almost for my last day because I must still go back to turn my work clothes back in and I have just a few loose ends to tie up.  One day next week I will have to go back and take care of that.  Also on Friday, I sold our 2002 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab Sport 4x4 to my coworker, Joe.  We bought that truck new in December, 2001.  It has been a reliable, fun to drive truck for me and I hated to give it up, but it just doesn't fit into the plan.  It took us back and forth to Illinois several times and it took me to several states to races including VA, MD, PA, OH, WV, TN, SC, NC, AND IA.  It was also my primary daily transportation to and from work.  I put just over 153,000 miles on that truck and only had to replace the tires once!

Terri's last day was emotional, to be expected.  Mine wasn't too bad, at least I didn't cry like she did.  We are both very grateful for our jobs and the wonderful people we were privileged to work with over the years.  I was with the same company for just over 23 years and Terri was just over 22 years.  We both want to say "THANK YOU" to our employers and all of our coworkers.

Once I got home from work, I ended up staying 1.5 hours late, we headed to Kroger to get some groceries.  Then we headed back home, Terri fixed tacos for us and then we both fell asleep in front of the TV.  I woke up about 11:45pm, just in time to wake Terri up to bring in the New Year. Another exciting New Years Eve for us, just the way we like it.

We hope all of you had a very safe and happy New Years Eve.  We are done with 2010 and ready to take on 2011!!!

Now, get going, what are you waiting for?


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