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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! and ONE MORE WEEK!!

Happy Holidays to all.  Terri and I did nothing special for Christmas.  I fixed a real nice turkey roast dinner (Terri did the peas and whipped the potatoes) including dressing, squash, potatoes, peas, and gravy.  It turned out real tasty and Terri especially liked the turkey this time.  We both ate too much, but that's okay.  We don't get anything for each other much anymore.  I told her that I got the fifth wheel for her and she got me the truck to pull it with. 

One more week until 2011.  One more week until Terri is retired.  One more week until I'm retired.  Next year (2011) we get rid of most of our stuff, sell the house, and hit the road.  "Times, they are a changin'" for the better.  We can't wait.  A whole new lifestyle and eventually much less stress.

Get going, what are you waiting for?


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