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Monday, 11/22/10: Notice! Mike gives his today...

Well, I did it!  Not long after arriving at work this morning, I marched myself into my managers office and gave him my notice, well sort of.  Before I could even tell him my intentions, he asked me if I was going to retire.  I looked right at him and said, "Yes, that's exactly what I came in here to tell you... thanks for making it so easy for me."  He was quite supportive and I do appreciate it.  This is the first time in just over 23 years that I've given my notice at work.  The last time was when Terri and I decided to move from Illinois to Virginia.  I've been having quite a bit of trouble focusing on getting ready for our full time adventures.  Things such as preparing the house for sale, sorting through stuff, getting stuff ready for the sale...  well after my meeting this morning I experienced a sense of clarity.  Now I can move forward and get going.  I should be done and retired by the end of the year!  Another step closer to making the RV dream a reality.


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